Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gan was Outgunned by Gobin in RPK's trial - Malaysiakini

Some excerpts from Malaysiakini report (sure not in the United Malays National Organisation papers like NST, Utusan, Berita and MCA's Star)

However to questions from defence counsel Gobind Singh Deo, Gan said that he had not investigated Najib despite him being an important witness.

"Najib was not interrogated because the police had dismissed his involvement in the case," said Gan.
Gobind was grilling Gan in relation to the explosive affidavit filed by political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda on Jan 4, 2007, in which Abdul Razak stated that he engaged the help of DSP Musa Haji Safri, who was Najib's aide de camp at that time, in solving the Altantuya problem.

The affidavit was filed by Abdul Razak to deny any wrongdoings in the murder of Altantuya when he was charged with aiding her murder with two special unit police officers. He was acquitted at the end of prosecution case.

When Gobind asked if Gan had taken statements from both Musa and Abdul Razak, the policeman said he had done so.
However he could not remember it the statements were in regards the help that was given by Musa to Abdul Razak in solving the 'problem'.

Minimum direct involvement

Moreover, Gan said that although he was the chief investigating officer in the case, his "direct involvement in it was at the minimum".

"I supervised a team of investigators to assist ASP Tonny Lunggan," said Gan, adding that the questioning sessions were handled by Lunggan.

Gobind further asked if Najib was questioned at any time during the investigations into Raja Petra's article.
Gan said he had not.
In the article, it was said that Abdul Razak went to Najib and Rosmah first, and the couple had then instructed Musa to aide Abdul Razak.

Gobind: Earlier you said that you did not investigate the facts in the affidavit that Abdul Razak Baginda had visited the deputy prime minister's office and bumped into Musa.You also said, you did not question the statement, and you said that you did not question Najib... so if you did not interrogate Najib, how do you know that the contents of the paragraph in the article did not take place?

Gan: I got the facts from the investigator of the case ASP Tonny.
Gobind: What were the facts? Tell us the facts!
Gan: You don't need to raise your voice. First you call me a useless policeman... now you don't have to raise your voice... the facts relating to the existence of Najib and Rosmah were false.

Police decided not to summon Najib

After the minor argument, Gobind stated that Gan had no personal knowledge of the alleged involvement of Najib, Musa and Abdul Razak.
Gan however reiterated that it was not true and that he had the facts from Lunggan

Gobind then asked Gan if he had any knowledge of Lunggan taking Abdul Razak's statement regarding his affidavit.

Gan: I do not remember.

Gobind: You don't remember? Isn't it important to know whether Abdul Razak's statement was taken?
Gan: Yes, it is important.
Gobind: It is important because it involves Abdul Razak and important to know whether it is true or false, correct?
Gan: Yes.
Gobind: Is it important to interrogate Najib to uncover the truth in the statement (article)?
Gan: Yes, but Najib was not interrogated because the police had dismissed his involvement in the case (Altantuya's murder).
Gobind: If he was an important witness why the police did not investigate Najib?
Gan: Because in the Altantuya murder trial, investigation revealed that there was no need to summon him.

Politically motivated prosecution

However, Gobind kept badgering Gan on the fact that despite the importance of Najib's statement, he was not interrogated for a statement.
"Having failed to take statement from him (Najib), you are in no position to substantiate your police report against Raja Petra.
"This decision to prosecute Raja Petra is politically motivated as no action was taken relating to Najib but to pin down Raja Petra," blasted Gobind.


Pentilium5 said...

cant wait for the verdict.... RPK could soon be joining Nizar and having free food/accomodation courtesy of the kng(sic) soon

M said...

Malaysia is an advanced country.
All other countries are not so advanced because even all the laws in Malaysia have been consolidated into a single all encompassing law.
The name of the consolidated law is LAWLESS

M said...

With this all encompassing law you can literally get away with murder.

Malaysia Boleh!!!