Monday, February 16, 2009

Bogel photos of YB Elizabeth Wong The Aftermath

It will be difficult for Elizabeth Wong from today to face her constituents especially from male species with perverted minds. They may look at her with something sinister. The will look through her, literally.

There will be jokes flying around.

Now Bukit Lanjan already changed to Bukit teLANJANg. It’s a sham and shame.
I believe she should have her privacy protected. Then again, this is Malaysia dear Elizabeth. Anything that can smear you will be used, either you are wrong or right, guilty or innocent.

It is perception, stupid.

And all politicians must not only clean, but must be seen clean. Her former boyfriend or whoever Scum of the earth circulates Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos will not bear the consequences of this betrayal of trust.

Clean or even dirty nude photos are something not yet acceptable by our society at large. And as a victim of circumstances, Elizabeth may face worse situation than Hee, the most hated woman in the country now as Elizabeth Wong is bared for all to see….and have we forgotten about Hee already?

My two fils (cents) only.

'Gross invasion of her privacy'
S Pathmawathy & Rahmah Ghazali Feb 16, 09 2:36pm
Both government and opposition lawmakers have condemned the actions of those who were involved in leaking nude pictures of Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong.

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignation, said the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

“Let the police report go through (it) and then we will have our own discussion on the issue,” said Khalid.
“We are open to all possibilities but given the situation it is best to give the victim the right of hearing and we have to listen to her explanation.

”Wong , 37, is also executive councillor in charge of the tourism, consumer affairs and environment portfolio. She lodged a police report last night, urging police to act against those circulating nude photos of her.
Khalid was speaking to reporters today after the opening of the second session of Parliament.

What other parliamentarians said:
Teresa Kok, Seputeh MP and Kinrara assemblypersonI’ve started to worry about being in my own home... I am afraid there could be a camera in my bathroom.I truly feel sad and sorry for (Wong) after she told me about it yesterday.
I had a bad dream last night and I can understand how this kind of thing can haunt a woman. I urge the police to take this matter seriously and I hope the culprit can charged. Why should she resign? Our job is to serve to people. It is not similar to the sex scandal involving (former Health Minister Dr) Chua Soi Lek because he is a married man and he was engaged in something that was morally wrong.
Wong (left) is still single and this incident happened in her private life and in her private home... she did not steal another person's husband or anything of that sort... (In Wong’s case) This was a private activity, she was sleeping while the photographs were taken.

It is an utter betrayal of trust and I believe it is politically motivated. If this is really the act of a former boyfriend, then he has been used to ruin her political career.

Noraini Ahmah, Deputy Human Resources MinisterRegardless of (who it is), we have to have respect their privacy and it has to be protected. We should also educate society to refrain from invading people's privacy.
Still, as a leader, we should always maintain our attitude and behaviour. Once you are a leader you do not have a private life any more, and I believe that anything that we do will be monitored.

R Sivarasa, Subang MPIt is a gross invasion of her privacy. The photos had fallen into the hands of unscrupulous people and they have passed it around.
If she has to resign because of this, everything you do in private will become public.

Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister
PKR has a lot of problematic people and they should settle their problems first before deciding to become the people's representatives in Parliament or even in the state assembly.Well, if she is the victim...I do not know... she is entitled to make a police report and the police will investigate.

You may take naked photos in your private home, but you have to make sure the the public will not get it. In this case it is too early to say who is responsible.

Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister's Department
I sympathise with the executive councillor, this thing should have not happened as she the people's representative and she had been performing her duties.Therefore, to foil what she has done for the community in this manner is not good. But I hope her spirits (remain strong) and she will not bother about what has happened.


1abc 2 abc said...

I can share the anguish feeling of Elizabeth and her righteous supporters over the publishing of her naked pictures. If I were in her position, I would just ignore the gossips. Afterall, I treasure I am blessed with a healthy body.

Thomas said...

From all the comments given I can see that Syed hamid has made the worst statement anyone can make. He did not empathise that Elizabet Wong's privacy has been invaded and that some scum had taken photos of her sleeping in her own privade dwelling(not hotel or some other public place) instead has taken a holier than thou stand by stating that "PKR has a lot of problemetic people and that they should settle their problems first before becoming people's representative" He has judged her already and goes on further to say... "Well, if she is the victim...I do not know... she is entitled to make a police report and the police will investigate.
I wonder if the police which is under his ministry will actually investigate how the pictures got distributed publically or instead make the victim their target at the behest of BN and allow BN (especially Khir Toyo and gang)to exploit and use the situation to bring down the PR Govt of Selangor just as they did in Perak

danialhakim said...

Biasanya kalu tido takkan nak pakai cam gi keja...bodo la..kalu nak kira gambar dok tido pun nk kena btanggungjawab...rosak la masyarakat kita yang dah makin rosak ni....mana privasi kita kalu gambar dok tido pun kena rakam dan dedah kat paper, media dsbnya. khir toyo patutnya insaf...jgn dok pelaga orang jer keja..tunjukkan kitapun ada integriti gak....jgn dok main bedal aje...ikut suka la eliza wong nk pakai apa dia tido dia punya suka la...chua tu apa cerita? Lagi berat...tgk kes nasha aziz...para pemimpin kita ada yang nk kutip derma kesian kat bila time eliza..pakat bantai...apa kes ni??? Nampak sgt orang kita gila kuasa.....GILA KUASA....TAK KIRA APA CARA!!!!

Rosnazirah said...

I sympatize her but the fact is bogel pix is still bogel be it accidental or intentional. In her capacity, i dont think she would pose for public acknowledgement, thus of coz the pix was meant for private collection. But one thing she forgot, moral issue always tagged a politician. The public expects her to be clean inside out, that was the reason she was chosen, to be different from the rest, to be seen in a zero defect image. If dented, its gonna take an effort to reshape. Whats done cannot be undone. She has to be responsible. DO something so the party she is representing is morally saved.

mizzjo said...

I disagree with those who say she has to resign. Totally sin-free and composed all the time, aren't we? You have never done anything embarassing yourself that people may never catch on camera?

Rasul saja yg maksum... & even Muslims of today pun ramai yg buat mcm2. It's not like EW is a Muslim; she's Christian. By today's (Christian) standards she hasn't done anything wrong. & we don't even know if she's a practising Christian, do we?

By universally-held values.. she hasn't done anything wrong too. She wasn't having extra-marital affairs, doing it with somebody's hubby (or wife!) or an underaged boy. So she was intimate with a boyfriend. Big deal.

AND she did not pose for the pictures (No, I haven't seen them) Don't judge her using Muslim/Malay standards. She's not a Muslim.

As for Syed Hamid. Aduhai. Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri pun tak rasa bertanggungjawab yg negaranya tak cukup selamat? Lepas ni saya nak tukar baju dalam rumah pun kena takut2 sbb SH tak nak jalankan tanggungjawabnya memastikan siapa yg buat kerja mengintai dapat hukuman setimpal?

Nak kena jadi artis comel mcm Nasha Aziz dulu ke baru nak dapatkan support pak2 menteri? (Not that I blame Nasha...that's another unfortunate victim of men to view women as sex objects)

Landon said...

Let's be open minded about this. Those pics were for private use and not for public circulation. Someone has violated her personal rights and outraged her modesty. She did nothing wrong except trust the wrong person, a bastard of the first degree. We should sympathize with her, offer her support and courage to face the world, instead of lambasting her and so on.

krazl said...

bogel saja maa..
err..err.. does she married?

sure at least after taking picture... u ehem ehem rite?

dunno oooOOooo.. old sin maa..

what goes around.. comes around..

too many people we slam... people oso slam back maa.. this what we call as karma...

Gavrilo Princip said...

Has anyone seen the photos? I seriously doubt the photos were taken 'for private use' (what exactly does 'private use' mean? "Oh, that's how I look like sleeping naked!"). Would the photos be like the ones of one of the KRU boys and one of the Rafar girls? (It's been so long ago that I can't even remember their names!).

Whatever it is, the timing of the release of these photos and the person in the them suggests a malicious political intent. A good question to ask is: Que Bono? Who benefits?

Tom said...

Elizabeth's case is no different to Chua Soi Lek's case..

Both were taken without consent..Chua resigned and Elizabeth only offered to resign..

She must take full responbility though it is not her fault..

But pictures don't lie..

Is this the kind of leader we want?

If we support Elizabeth, it means we condone her act of living or being together with her partner, unmarried, naked in a room.

I'm sure no religion allows this...

TS said...

The unscrupulous vultures are at it again??? Anyway Tom, u are squeeky clean I suppose? Who doesn't "live" (occassionally see)together, unmarried? No religion "encourages" this? So what religion are you? You are a 50-year old virgin???

I think it is just another ploy to assassinate a public figure. A 15-year old knows how dirty politics are.

Krazl, even if people ehem-ehem, its not your problem. You suppose politicians are not human and do not have deserve a normal life? I don't admire them personally, but they still have a life, family and friends, just like you and I.

Syed Hamid's statement "You may take naked photos in your private home, but you have to make sure the the public will not get it" MAKES IT CLEAR THAT IT WAS TAKEN INTENTIONALLY? With what in mind?

I am so sick of you guys having nothing better to do than condemning. Those of you who dare to speak about karma (I don't think you even understand the meaning of the word), please let your brain do the talking.

mathjr said...

eliza wong tak bersalah pun. hak dia nak pakai apa atau taknak pakai apa2 semasa tidur. saya dah tengok gambar tu (2keping). gambar tu diambil semasa beliau tidur DAN bukan dalam keadaan bogel sepenuhnya. beliau memakai kain (lebih kurang kain pelikat) cuma tanpa panties. so, salahkah beliau? bukan dia yang ambil gambar tu. kalau lah dia bersalah, adakah nasha aziz pula tak bersalah? cuba bayangkan andainya semasa syed hamid sedang berasmara dengan isterinya (takkanlah berpakaian lengkap kan?) dan kebetulan ada makhluk yang jahat menggambar tanpa pengetahuan mereka. adakah masyarakat akan menghukum mereka seperti mana eliza wong? atau adakah masyarakat akan membuat kutipan derma kesian sebab dia adalah penyokong kerajaan???? fikirkanlah...

cgguy said...

The picture looks like a FAKE to me - photoshopped from another 'normal' pic of her; she's wearing glasses - who the hell sleeps nude with their GLASSES on??!!

Property Malaysia said...

YB Elizabeth Wong has again got our mandate. Please stay.

DrM said...

Online Petition - *REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong's Resignation As ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor EXCO

Let's do our small part ... email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to "pen" their signature to support Eli ... to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat ... want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!

yes said...

My! my!, we should be proud to be Malaysians. Everyone is talking about morality, even those who are being SUSPECTED of bribery, murder, lesbians, pencuri, penyangak, penipu dan penerima rasuah.

We have so many muslim politicians who can be imams. I guess being imam is the in thing. At one time only those in PAS are bothered about ugama. I remembered orang UMNO ketawakan Tuan Guru kerana bersembahyang hajat, dan orang UMNO juga mempermain mainkan hukum hudud. Now amongst the muslim leaders or wanna be leaders, they are turning to religion.

Good for for you guys if you are sincere about it. However do remember that Allah is Al 'Alim. yang maha mengetahui.

G4UMNO said...

Salam untuk semua yang mengucap Dua Kalimah Syahadah

Walaupun saya ahli UMNO, tetapi saya tidak bersetuju dengan perbuatan mereka yang memalukan kehormatan orang lain, perbuatan tersebut adalah haram walaupun keatas musuh kita sekalipun. Itulah ajaran Nabi SAW. Mereka harus berhenti dan bertaubat.

Aku cintakan Islam