Thursday, February 19, 2009


I received this one from an could be true or just plain stupid the big man said, there was no money involved in the deal of the decade.

According to sources the PAY off is financed by some rich Chinese businessmen in the silver state. Probably, the person-who-had-never-met-any-mongolian-gal had approached these rich chinese towkays to do the needful for him.

The beneficiaries of the haram state government:-
1) Katak O and
2) Katak J - (he is greedier than the rest). These two got RM1 - RM2 million each.
3) SHee Frog – She got the most RM10 million.
4) Double-leap Katak - probably got only a few millions.
5) The Big Fat Toad - He also received a few million cash more than the rest of the FROGS but not more than RM4.0 million.

Further the Big Fat Toad through his private vehicle companies will receive some major contracts from the paymaster who is nothing to do with Mongolian government.

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