Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pakistanis vs Indians killing each other on Dubai roads

The 2008 Dubai Police statistics has confirmed some interesting well-kown facts about certain nationalities driving skills and attitude on Dubai roads. Even with the fantastic road conditions and excellent vehicles, as well as more radars, Dubai is notorious for road accidents and deaths.

Indians and Pakistanis are two majority expatriate groups in the UAE. Therefore it is not surprising to see they are the biggest culprits and victims on the roads. Bangladeshis are catching up in the killed category.
Of course, amongst the other minority drivers, the locals or Emiratis are somehow, without prejudice, road menaces with their luxury and high-powered vehicles......keep themselves proud in the third position as killers and killed.

Speeding major cause of deaths on Dubai roads last year

Dubai Police statistics revealed that speeding remained the second biggest reason of road deaths in Dubai last year with 45 deaths out of the 294 from road accidents. Lack of consideration for road users was the top cause of road deaths.

According to police figures,
Pakistani drivers caused the maximum number of accidents for the second consecutive year in Dubai.
They were accused of causing 95 fatal accidents in 2008 compared to 83 in 2007.
This was followed by Indians who caused 63 fatal accidents last year, compared to 81 in 2007. Emiratis committed 42 accidents last year compared to 57 in 2007.

The number of people killed in road accidents reduced to 294 last year compared to 332 in 2007.

Indian expatriates topped the list of people killed in road accidents for the second consecutive year. Some 107 Indians were killed last year compared to 128 in 2007 followed by 56 Pakistanis killed last year compared to 57 the previous year. However, the number of Bangladeshis killed last year increased to 23 as compared to 16 in 2007.
There are more than 900,000 registered vehicles in Dubai while more than 1.3 million vehicles use the Dubai roads every day. Indians topped the list of population in Dubai followed by Pakistanis. Dubai has a population of 1.7 million.
Emirates Road remained the most dangerous road as 46 people were killed in accidents on this road compared to 67 the year before.

On the Shaikh Zayed Road, the number of road accidents fell by almost 50 per cent and some 24 people were killed last year compared to 54 in 2007.
Commenting on the reduced number of accidents in 2008, an official at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said that improved road network, more cameras and strict policing have paid off. "Strict measures, increased fines for traffic violation" and awareness drives in coordination with the police have helped reduce accidents, he said.

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