Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Earthlings - Shame on you (Malaysiakini)

The children of Gaza are being slaughtered by the dozens. Homes, schools and hospitals are being destroyed. Gaza's only crossing to the outside world is closed.

Meanwhile, the Arab world is debating who is to blame. The international community is keeping mum. Washington continues to cheer the killer fighter jets. They were made in the US, after all. And all Ban Ki-moon has to say is that he is "deeply concerned". We know the US will not allow the Security Council to act before Israel completes "the mission". But the UN Secretary-General should have the courage to say that.
And what about the Quartet Middle East envoy, one Tony Blair? He is doing nothing.
He believes that closing the tunnels - Gaza's lifeline through which food and medical supplies are smuggled into the area during more than a year of a crippling blockade - is "the key" to ending the Israeli invasion. He must have thought real hard about this.
Shame on you. All of you. Shame on the US. Shame of the UN. Shame on those who support what the Israelis are doing. Shame on those who are against it but are keeping silent. Shame on an Arab order that allows Israel to butcher hundreds of Arab children every couple of years.

More than 45 killed in strike on Gaza school
660 Palestinians, including 215 children, killed so far as Israel targets UN schools.
Muslim communities united by Israel's brutal onslaught
Gaza children pay the price

The world has betrayed Gaza's children
It is unbelievable that after 11 days of slaughtering the children of Gaza, the world has yet to decide if it is going to call on Israel to stop its savage offensive.
It is unbelievable that hundreds of children are being butchered with US-made Israeli weapons and the so-called Big Powers have yet to urge Israel to stop the war. It is unbelievable that Arab leaders cannot agree to meet to offer even the usual lip service to the people of Gaza.


A Gaza resident recounts her experience of living through Israeli air strikes

Eye-witness account from Gaza City: Morgues overflow with bodies

Arab silence on Gaza is shameful
By Khalaf Al Habtoor, Special to Gulf News

Published: January 06, 2009, 23:58
The terrible carnage inflicted upon a starving people caged in the dark is too much to bear for anyone with eyes to see and a heart that beats. This unfolding crime against humanity must be stopped else we should merely throw up our hands in despair and submit to the principle of 'might is right'.


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