Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ops Potong Api dan Air

Sewaktu berjoging (berjalan cepat....) sekitar kawasan di Twar3, sekitar 2 km dari rumah, terserempak dengan Ops Potong air dan api.

Majlis Bandaraya Dubai atau Dubai Municipality (DM) membuat peraturan, "Satu Vila, Satu Keluarga' atau 'One Villa, One Family’ sejak September lalu dan berakhir hujung Oktober. Menurut lapuran akhbar, sebanyak 200 vila dipotong air dan api setiap minggu dan sebanyak 4,000 buah vila yang terlibat!

Kawasan Twar (dari 1 hingga 3, kecuali sedikit di twar 2 - pangsapuri) adalah kawasan kediaman orang arab tempatan atau Emirati. Vila besar kesemuanya, kecuali vila kami. Boleh dikatakan kesemua vila itu di diami oleh Emirati kerana rumah mereka sendiri.
Hanya sedikit untuk disewa dan pada ketika ini sewa adalah tinggi (kecuali vila kami yang sudah lama dan buruk), bermula dari RM160,000 setahun.
Majoriti Emirati yang mendiami Twar 3 adalah pekerja kerajaan, guru, polis, pegawai, kerani dsbnya. Mereka diberi tanah percuma dan grant untuk membuat vila dari skim Projek Perumahan Sheikh Zayed. Selalunya grant dalam jumlah minima RM1 juta. Beruntunglah anak-anak bumiputera UAE.
Jiran sebelah rumah vila kami mempunyai kereta mewah dalam 6- 8buah (dan hujung minggu lagi ramai bila anak-anak dan cucu-cucu balik, parkir melimpah ke vila kami). Manakala sebelahnya pula, selalu kami hitung dalam 6 buah juga.

Memang kadar sewaan di Dubai (dan Abu Dhabi) adalah tinggi hingga menyebabkan ramai keluarga terpaksa berkongsi vila. Ada satu vila berkongsi empat hingga lima keluarga. Malah ada vila yang di diami oleh 20-30 orang bujang.

Denda kepada tuan rumah dan penyewa untuk kesalahan pertama ialah RM50,000, kali kedua RM100,000.

Kami sekeluarga sedang menanti surat pembaharuan sewa dari agen dan kalau kenaikan sewa terlalu tinggi, nampaknya kami terpaksa berpindah setelah enam tahun di Twar 3. Harap-harap kenaikan tidaklah setinggi mana dan masih dalam kemampuan.....kalau tidak, mencari rumah atau apartmen barulah kami dalam bulan Disember nanti.

One Villa, One Family Rule Turns Low-income People into Nomads

DUBAI — Low-income residents in Dubai are being forced to live the life of nomads, in constant search of affordable homes. The ‘One Villa, One Family’ rule has displaced many families in Dubai which are now looking towards the Northern Emirates for accommodation.
Khaleej Times met up with one such family of Pakistanis whose woes seem endless with the pressures of survival in the UAE.

Nasrallah works for a shipping company in the Dubai Investment Park. Until a few months back, he and his family shared a villa in Satwa with four other families. Living with his wife and four children including a nine-month-old child, Nasrallah said, “I was given a notice by my landlord to relocate within a month as the villas are going to be demolished in Satwa. With so little time in hand, it was impossible to get an accommodation in Dubai within my budget.”

Dubai Municipality's (DM) "one villa, one family" policy will drive skilled construction workers away from the city, a top HR director said.The policy is set to force families that share villas to part, which will force workers out of Dubai, increasing an already acute manpower shortage.The comments were made by Halcrow International regional HR director Rhyan Andersson speaking at the Construction Week Conference 2008.

One villa, One Family: Inspectors get busy

The Municipality’s ‘One Villa, One Family’ campaign kicked off this week with inspectors combing through villas in Al Rashidiya area, an official said.

Dubai cuts off 200 villas a week

DUBAI // Dubai Municipality is cutting power and water to as many as 200 villas a week in an attempt to evict people who are sharing homes, but some of the tenants are defying authorities and illegally reconnecting services, a senior official said yesterday.He announced a plan to extend the eviction campaign to other kinds of accommodation, including overcrowded apartments. Omar Mohammed Abdul Rahman, the head of the buildings inspection section at the municipality, said inspectors had identified 4,200 villas that violated the rules and housed shared families.
“We are cutting water and electricity services to at least 150 to 200 villas per week,” he said.

Malaysia - Beyond Anwar & Najib - Malaysiakini

Analysis in Malaysiakini, Perfecting PKR mentions about Pakatan’s major partner PKR will hold its annual congress this weekend at Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam, Selangor.

PKR as a growing party reflects the truism that politics tend to revolve around personalities - in this case, de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, 61.
Some consider him the ‘Malaysian Obama’ in terms of charisma, oratory skills and crowd-pulling ability; even detractors find it difficult to dispute the electioneering calibre of the former deputy prime minister.

But I tend to agree as even within his own party - are not so sure Anwar being perceived as the only opposition leader qualified to be the alternative prime minister. A critic contends that Anwar is his own worse enemy.

A PKR insider says that, “Every major decision on party matters seems to need Anwar’s tacit approval and frequently his indecisiveness has stalled or delayed the party’s progress.”

It is Anwar-centric syndrome in decision-making that could be the real stumbling block for PKR to move forward. Anwar is a dictator!

This is not a healthy practice and with the current national leadership, it is time for the party leaders to delegate decision-making to technocrats within PKR to strengthen its organisational structure.

The question is, who are those PKR leaders can be seen as new Obama in waiting?

The real battle will be in the next election when United Malays National Organisation and gangs will make sure the last election fiasco will not be repeated. Otherwise, they will be doomed. Forget 2008 election storm or September 16, move forward for real battle ahead.

Yes, I agree that PKR must diversify its image by creating successful role-models from within its ranks. Success stories of its leaders in community services or building rapport with constituents will help to build its image as a mass movement rather than a bunch of UMNO wannabes.

Malaysia people must look beyond Anwar and Najib.....and we have 23 million people to begin with by excluding all UMNO (hantu) members!

Fatwa Memandu Kereta Secara Berbahaya

Kelihatan banyak poster yang sudah usang di Dubai yang membawa fatwa, "Memandu Secara Berbahaya adalah BERDOSA".

Antara maksud memandu secara berhaya ialah

1. Melanggar lampu merah

2. Melanggar undang-undang jalanraya

3. Memandu laju

4. Menyebabkan kecelakaan yang membawa kematian, kecederaan, kelumpuhan

5. Merosakkan hartabenda

Fatwa ini dikeluarkan oleh Mufti Besar Dubai pada Mac 2007.

Begitupun, tidak banyak publisiti mengenai fatwa ini dan sepanjang tahun lalu kecelakaan jalanraya terus meningkat di Dubai.

Ada sebanyak 1.85 juta kenderaan di UAE di mana Dubai mempunyai nisbah kereta dan penduduk tertinggi di dunia iaitu, 541 buah untuk setiap 1000 penduduk.

Dubai: Fatwa Bans Reckless Driving

By Salman Dossari
Dubai, Asharq Al-Awsat- Dubai authorities have resorted to a religious decree (Fatwa) to remedy the large number of fatal traffic accidents that occur on a monthly basis among nationals and residents.
Dubai's Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad al Haddad issued a fatwa prohibiting the running red lights, violating traffic laws and speeding. In the fatwa, he stressed that authorities are entitled to jail or impose fines on violators when it deems it in the public interest.
According to the latest official figures, traffic fatalities in Dubai rose this January by 11.5% (compared with January 2006) at 29 deaths, while last December saw the death toll reach an all-time high of 44 fatalities.
In the fatwa, Dr. al Haddad asserts that those who run red lights, change lanes or go over the speed limit jeopardize themselves and others. "This might cause their death, kill others or inflict damage on their and others' properties, which is considered harm and prohibited by Islam.
The fatwa came after Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai, summoned officials and demanded that a system to discourage reckless driving be implemented.
Engineer Badr Mattar al Siri, Director of Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), told Asharq Al-Awsat that capitalizing on people's religious conviction usually yields good results. He pointed out that some youths upon hearing the fatwa have since changed their driving habits.