Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Malaysiakini - Pak Lah Ran For his Life in Parliament!

This is a very good exercise if in the future there will be no-confidence vote for the PM. Imagine instead of sleeping in his room, PM will be rushing by running for his life to ensure BN will get the right number of required votes to deny the no-confidence motion for his premiership.

Pak Lah shall now take up some jogging and other exercises to ensure he is fit for any unexpected run from his office. He must not fall or lose his breath while running to the chambers. Jeanne could help by trying main kejar-kejar at Sri Perdana bedroom.

Even the cabinet ministers now have to stay fit for 100 meter dash once the bell rings for quorum. Fortunate indeed that fat Rafidah Aziz is no longer in cabinet.

With the current scenario as rumoured and confirmed by some people, 30 to 40 of BN MPs should be already fit for a bigger challenge in Malaysia Record Book, to jump over and run for their new lives as PR MPs!

BN gets scare in bloc-vote test
Soon Li Tsin & Fauwaz Abdul Aziz May 28, 08 4:39pm

Barisan Nasional had a scare this morning when deputy speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar for the first time ordered bloc voting - instead of a voice vote - on part of the Supplementary Supply (2007) Bill 2008.

The B-12 section of the bill refers to 'Contribution to Statutory Fund' related to a Youth and Sports Ministry programme. Bills are usually passed by a voice vote to indicate whether MPs agree or disagree to passage of a Bill, a practice which BN representatives had previously taken for granted, given their overwhelming majority in the House.

During the voice vote this time, however, the voices of opposition MPs shouting ‘disagree’ to the Bill emerged louder than those of BN who said ‘agree’.

Zuraidah Kamaruddin (PKR-Ampang) and Mohd Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) then objected to passage of the Bill.

Emboldened by the fact that Pakatan MPs equal, if not exceed, the sparse number of BN MPs then in the House, more than 15 Pakatan MPs stood up in support of a bloc voting exercise when Junaidi asked those who were ‘serious’ about the issue to indicate their position.

There was palpable panic on the BN side of the chamber, as they scrambled to get the numbers.
Even Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (right) was seen running in, followed by his deputy Najib Abdul Razak and Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein among others.

Amidst the cheers and jeers, there was a sense of relief when Junaidi announced 92 votes were counted in favour of the Bill, with 60 against and one absention.

First time to see PM rushing in
On emerging from the chambers later, Hishammuddin lamented the opposition's strategy in creating disorder in the House.

"Most importantly, we have more votes than we need and it was to our benefit, but all the fuss from them (opposition MPs) is just to disturb and disrupt the proceedings," he said.

"I hope they will learn their lesson. We have proven that we have the numbers and their tactics have no effect on us," said Hishammuddin.

Meanwhile, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali saw the result as a moral victory as only 92 of the 140 BN MPs were present to vote in support of the bill.

"It was a big drop. I know some of the MPs decided to leave the House before the vote because they didn't want to be a part of it. However, the opposition similarly was able to garner only 60 out of its 82 available votes against the bill.

Azmin nevertheless mocked the prime minister and other cabinet members, all of whom rushed into the House to cast their votes.

"This is the first I have seen the prime minister running into the House," said Azmin.

"They are suppose to be there. They are answerable to the Parliament but they have no respect for the proceedings so they just left right after they finished voting," he added.

The "New Silk Road"

I was a bit perpelexed in 2002, when involved in planning of Dragon Mart and Chinatown in Dubai's International City on the seriousness of Dubai government to attract chinese business. I was informed it was a G-to-G arrangement. Something like the project would be built by Dubai and funded by China government.

The Dragon Mart complex is huge (pic below) and was supposed to house more than 4,000 retail shops under one roof. Chinatown which is a cluster of apartment buildings inside International City was built to complement Dragon Mart to house the workers and traders.

The location was a bit far from then the Dubai downtown and I still remember it was nothing there but desert and adjacent to a big sewage treatment plant (which is now still in operation and produces bad odour to the vicinity).

Fast forward to the future, UAE has the energy-China has the biggest market, the two countries are building a new silk road that is phenomenal!

Below is an article from Business 24/7

The "New Silk Road" Рthe rapidly growing trade between the Middle East and China Рhas been the subject of media articles, business conferences and economists' treatises so often that it has almost become a clich̩. But recent research from the World Trade Organisation show what we are witnessing in this new two-way trade is nothing less than a revolution in the pattern of global commerce that will have profound effects on the two regional trading blocs, as well as the rest of the world. It is so significant that I make no apologies for again highlighting what could be the most significant phenomenon of present-day business practice.

The WTO has published figures comparing the rates of growth of different global trading blocs regions in their business with China over the decade 1996-2006. This was the period when the Chinese economy – set free from the shackles of communist ideology a few years earlier by the visionary Deng Xiao Ping – really began to accelerate, and western commentators woke up to the sheer power of China, with its population of 1.3 billion potential consumers, as a force in the world economic system.
Over that decade, all parts of the world saw big expansion of trade with China, with Europe leading the way with a 582-per cent increase in the value of two-way commerce between the two. But the Middle East, over the same period, saw an increase of more than 1,000 per cent in its trade with the new economic powerhouse to the east.
For the UAE, this trend will continue to accelerate, with a predicted seven-fold increase in trading volumes over the next seven years, when it is predicted to stand at $100 billion. That will make China the UAE's largest single trading partner, overtaking both the US and Europe, which currently dominate the Emirate's trade. Both those regions will continue to be important customers of the UAE, of course, but the country as a whole will turn 180 degrees from West to East, with huge economic and political consequences.
The basic reason for the volte-face is obvious: the UAE, indeed the Gulf, has the world's largest reserves of energy, which China needs to fuel its economic growth, still running at around double-digit levels each year, even with the West heading into recession. In return, China can pay cold hard cash, due to the huge dollar reserves it has built up over the past two decades.
It has also been able to supply basic goods such as textiles and household items cheaply and to an increasingly high standard. But its factories and assembly lines are also beginning to produce the high technology goods that insatiable consumers in the Middle East want in ever-increasing numbers – electronics, hi-tech consumer durables, and even motor cars. We are rapidly approaching the time when "Made in China" is not a symbol of cheapness, but has a brand value of global cachet.
Apart from these basic economic and financial factors, another geo-political impetus has ensured that the Middle East and China will increasingly turn to each other – the US has made it pretty clear that it does not want much to do with either. The UAE was rebuffed when it tried to buy the American ports of the old P&O business, but China too suffered humiliation when two of its biggest corporations tried to buy stakes in the US oil and telecommunications business. When these two economic power blocs find the way to America closed to them largely for political reasons, it was only to be expected that they would turn to each other instead.
There are factors that could work against the new trading alliance between Arabs and Chinese. A change of US administration might lead to a freeing up of US sentiment towards the region, and an increase in US-Gulf trading relations. But it is unlikely that on its own could stop the momentum of the economic power shift.
There is also the possibility of a collapse in the soaring oil price, which would affect the buying power of oil producers, but the experts, such as US investment bank Goldman Sachs, tell us it will keep going to the $200 level.
The threat of a Chinese recession – perhaps prompted by the Western financial credit crunch – could also affect the equation. But most authorities agree that even at its worst an economic downturn would only knock a couple of points off Chinese growth rates. The Chinese economic juggernaut seems unstoppable.In these circumstances, the logic of the "New Silk Road" appears unbreakable. Business leaders in the UAE have already shown they are well and truly aware of the phenomenon, and they should continue to tread the path of growing commerce to the East, whatever the West might do.

By Frank Kane

Sand Fountain

You can't believe this in present materialistic life but this has happened in Saudi Arabia .
A SAND FOUNTAIN.. Subhanallah

The discription says: A fountain of sand erupted in the desert of saudi arabia and
until today geologists don't have a clue or an explanation to what is going on. Scientists say that
this will bring out some minerals and metals that we have never seen or encountered before..

IT IS JUST ANOTHER MIRACLE FROM ALLAH (GOD).Suddenly, a 9-meter fountain (geyser) apparead, in the Al-Ahsae City , Eastern Saudi Arabia .

Immediately, Armaco geological teams and scientists hurry to deal with this strange phenomenon, but they did not succeed in explaining what happened !

But they agreed on a theory (...) that these are -what so called- burdens of the Earth. Some scientists said this phenomenon will lead to apparency of new materials, which will change the humanity way of life.

Allah says in the Quran :
'And the earth throws up her burdens (from within)' 99.2

'We will show them Our signs in all the regions of the earth and in their own souls, until they clearly see that this is the truth ...' (Holy Quran: Chapter Fussilat, 41: Verse 53)

The Day of Judgment is near when there is a single star in the sky, straight away the path of forgiveness will close. The writing in the Quran will vanish. The sun will lower itself with the earth.