Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ezam To Bring His 6 Boxes Along To UMNO

One of my SMS conversations with aruah Adlan Benan Omar (Ben) back in 2006 was on Ezam's pending re-admission to UMNO. They were close friends.
Ben answered my question, yes, Ezam would be back in UMNO soon. It was 2006, even before Ezam's departure from PKR. This plan was never materialised or the timing was not right. I thought it would never happen at all. But I was wrong and Ben had said it right long time ago.
Ezam was at my home in Dubai together with Anwar Ibrahim, Zunar and now YBs, Dr. Hatta, Dr Zulkifly and Zulkifli Noordin as well as Ben in 2005. First time I met him in person.
I do not really know both Anwar's proteges, Ezam and Azmin. Only knew about them during reformasi but not really fond of them. They have oratory skills like their mentor or sifu but lack of charisma and aura. It could be both over-copying their sifu's styles without exploring own distinctive styles. Especially Ezam who could be mistaken as Anwar's double.
During one of Anwar's trips and sessions with PR's supporters in Dubai, there was one question about Ezam. Anwar mentioned about Ezam's way and his way to return to power. Two different approaches for the same goal.
My understanding was Ezam might want Anwar to rejoin UMNO. It was the only way for Anwar to become PM according to Ezam. Again, that was my own conclusion within my limited knowledge and experience in politics.
It could be also to pave way for Anwar's own re-admission into UMNO as someone says with confident. Anything is possible in politics. The actors may have different scripts for different scenarios. Never trust politicians, whoever they are....someone else says.
Ezam's outburst on Anwar regarding Azmin's too much influence on the sifu was not unexpected. One of them had to go. Either one of them is not in my list of future leaders but they could be leaders with current dearth of real talents.
The recent report on Ezam's pending re-admission into UMNO makes me feel deja vu. Najib welcomes him by claiming Ezam is not a trojan horse. While Hishamudin puts forward three questions before deciding whether to welcome or reject Ezam.
This is democracy at work. Mahathir, Sanusi Junid and Mokhzani left UMNO in disgust while Ezam will be again an UMNO member and he can claim his membership number, whatever it was or he may buy over number 00000001 previously under Mahathir's name.
With the current UMNO dire situation, Ezam can be another candidate for Ketua Pemuda UMNO. It could be an interesting contest if the son-in-law and Mukhriz are also in the running for the post.
By rejoining UMNO, Ezam can bring his 6 boxes of corruption files as he repeatedly claimed during the heights of reformasi.
And the boxes may contain some files on Anwar or Azmin!