Monday, March 03, 2008

Phantom Voters For Idiots

  1. The chairman of Election Commission claims there are no phantom voters during past 11 elections. Of course he lies as always
  2. Phantom voters are legally registered by Election Commision even though in 2006, the Election Commission announced that in an effort to reduce instances of phantom voting, 180,000 dead voters would be purged from the electoral roll
  3. Phantom voters are comprised of the dead, non-citizens and voters with multiple registrations with the mission to vote for Barisan Nasional
  4. Some phantom voters cast their ballots using identification documents of deceased people
  5. Phantom voters carry myKad as other non-phantom voters, not necessarily their own identities and can be different identities at the same location
  6. "Looks like me, sounds like me' Lingam can be a phantom voter in Kelana Jaya
  7. Phantom voters can be uniformed servicemen such as police, army, navy and air force personnels may be made to vote twice at different places and different state
  8. Phantom voters are among voters registered as postal voters who are overseas
  9. Phantom voters can be those registered as voters without their knowledge, at any constituency which they have no idea where
  10. Phantom voters are among 20,643 people above the age 107 and 10,513 people above the age 108 that found in the electoral roll
  11. Phantom voters normally ferried in buses and cars stealthily during midnight or evening on the election day to polling stations
  12. Phantom voters can be a case of 'planted voters' arranged by EC
  13. Hundreds of phantom voters shared the same address that they never live
  14. Some phantom voters were registered with addresses of houses that have not yet been built
  15. Many phantom voters have never lived in a particular area, as they were not known to the local community
  16. In some other cases, phantom voters had successfully registered to vote using non-residential addresses and even false or unknown addresses
  17. Some phantom voters were registered at addresses without house numbers, even though they lived in proper flats or apartments
  18. Phantom voters can be anybody, alive or dead!