Saturday, February 02, 2008

Muhaimin Led His School (Year 4) Team

The Sheffield Private School year 4 players warming up
(Muhaimin in the middle)

Muhaimin's shot missed the target

Muhaimin with Samba dance

Muhaimin running towards the goal,
but his shot missed the target again

It was nil-nil againts Dubai Royal School

My Favourite Cartoon - Freej

Freej is the title of my current favourite Arabic 3D animated series which is aired on Dubai TV since Ramadhan 2006. Freej means 'Neighbourhood' in the Khaleeji dialect and would tell the comic story of four old ladies living in a small traditional neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city of Dubai.

Freej gives some ideas on the life of Emiraties and for expatriates like me, the jokes are familiar and appreciated.

What makes Freej so special is the fact that it is the first 3D animated series to be created by an Emarati national and is now being supported by Dubai Media City and the Sheikh Mohammed Establishment for Young Entrepreneurs in terms of financial, business and strategic support.

The creator of Freej, Mohammed Harib majored in General Arts and Animation at North Eastern University in Boston, M.A, USA. He was employed at Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone until he took a one year leave earlier in 2006 to dedicate all his time to the creation of Freej through his newly created production company Lammtara Pictures.
In addition to being the managing director of Lammtara Pictures and the director of Freej, Mohammed is also a professional photographer, web designer, cartoonist and had also made several attempts at writing poetry and literature in addition to modeling as well. His portfolio includes the creationg of the brand identity of Dubai International Film Festival.

Freej would be a unique adventure to the audience as it brings forth the cultural national identity back to the screen, the success of Freej should also set an example to other artists and creators to take their little dreams more seriously as we now witness what we hope to be the rise of the Arabic animation industry.