Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Always Something There To Remind Me

January - 20 years ago, my last year in New Zealand.

Split Enz was a 'classic' New Zealand band, before the Finns became Crowded House.

Auckland was a temporary home while waiting for graduation in Hamilton.

1988 (when Crowded House was big then) is a long time but always something there to remind me of those years

Some were written through my anthology 'Waikato' (DBP 2000).

Some were retrospectively written through cerpens 10 years later (1988) until now (Crowded House is just another 'classic').

I need your assistance to select the best 30, according to your choice, of cerpens in

for my book to be evaluated by DBP for publication.
The manuscript to be ready by end of January 2008.
Hopefully, 2008 will be another year to remember for a second book.

Thanking you in advance.