Monday, December 29, 2008

Mega News of 2008 in Malaysiakini

It is end of the year again. Time to relook into the recent past of our lives.
I have some good memories to cherish, one is the public whipping for BN. I did not return to vote this election but I was all along dreaming of such situation that BN reduced to be an opposition in the parliament. 5 states already under PR and we wish these new state leaders all the best in the new year to reconcile and move forward for the sake of the nation.
Here in Dubai, uncertainties prevail in this current financial turmoil that changed the courses of a lot of people. It is the cycle that reminds us of life itself.

Top 10 News of 2008
Dec 29, 08 11:09am
Groundbreaking change does not happen overnight, at least not in Malaysia where it takes a special blend of circumstances to rouse people to fury.

That process started late last year and spilled over into this year. From then, it was only a matter of time until pent-up frustration burst. And it did.History was made, but it did not stop there. It has been an exhilarating and inspiring year - it will be a long time before anyone climbs down from the emotional high.
Counting down, we take you through the best and the worst of 2008. More Here.

In summary,
10. Public protests that broke down barriers
9. Altantuya is jot dead in our own conscious
8. Chua the adult movie star
7. Judiciary that cheap and expensive to maintain integrity
6. Police is still a group of BN bodyguards or thugs
5. Fuel prices saga
4. Sodomy part 2
3. Leaders clashes
2. Anwar's return from grave
1. BN's humiliations...the top news of the year!

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Amuraria said...

Salam Tuan Fudzail
A very well said and a good & hard knock on umno/BN leader's rotten head :)May year 2009 brings the 'shit' umno/BN regime down for the betterment of Malaysians,insyAllah !