Saturday, December 27, 2008

Forgotten People in Somalia and Indonesia

On Thurday 25 Dec, christmas day, we had a monthly programme at my house. The first guest speaker was Bro. Bilal Abdul Kareem, a New Yorker who reverted to Islam and currently being active in media production to highlight the muslim sufferings.

Bilal is the CEO of AIM Media. You can catch him on Huda TV i.e. "talk" show on Huda TV, here or watch AIM Films here.

Another speaker was Bro. Lokman Landy, an Aussie who lives in Indonesia by helping Indonesian kids to build new hopes and life. He builds madrasah for poor kids under Yayasan Jakarta International Muslim Society.

The highlight of the talks was the forgotten people of Somali whereby most international media will not cover the plights and sufferings of the Muslims. The deteriorating situation is also eclisped by the pirate news that become the face of Somalia.
AIM Media through its documentary programmes is trying to let the world know the real situation in Somalia even though it is not easy to penerate the media.
Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about Somali pirates. Day in and day out, this prejudice-fostering phrase is used by journalists, NGO representatives, government officials, and even by some of my friends in the arts community. It’s as if we’ve collectively forgotten, or are supposed to forget, or choose to ignore, that not all Somalis are pirates, and not all pirates are Somali. Never do the neoliberal media display any curiosity about the root causes of “piracy”, of the real motives and views of these men and women, or the loving families they leave behind on their dangerous journeys out of poverty.

Images from Lensa Abdul Halim.

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