Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A dog is worth more than a Palestinian child - Malaysiakini

Does the title shock you? Good! Because it should. It is a sad statement on the lives of the poor Palestinians in Gaza whose lives have been shattered since 1948. This huge prison that is Gaza, had been so-called liberated in 2005. Yet would you like to live there?

by Mishal Kanoo
They have no proper access to continued electricity or running water. And they are run by different militias all who are trying to prove a point that is useless — they all want to be the top dog in the junkyard.
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Pagi itu, Televisyen Israel (Yahudi) Channel 1 menyiarkan rancangan TV Pendidikan. Saya menonton suatu rancangan yang dirakam di sebuah nursery. Guru yang mengajar anak muridnya menyanyi dengan diiringi sebuah piano, menyanyikan lagu berikut:
“Makanan paling sedap daging orang Arab, minuman paling sedap darah orang Islam”
Ya, itulah yang saya baca pada subtitle rancangan tersebut.

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John Bastille said...

A Palestinian child is worth more than an Israeli child

What you say may be valid. So is my statement.

For the past two weeks, Hamas launched rockets to Israel's citizens. Babies are also killed.

Yes, yes, you can retort about the issue all the back to 1948 but a newborn Israeli baby?

Of course, you don't feel anything for that baby. You're a muslim.

The primary reason why the "West" did not jump is that Hamas started this and hide behind civilians.

woong johan said...

John Bastille....
..a typical western pro zionist opinion... I wonder when u wrote your lines whether u used the real brain in your head or the little brain in your little john's head in your pants...
...shame on u...your equation is not right ..of course because u are pro zionism...u are always thirsty of Muslim's blood...