Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Muslims can expect from Obama (in his own words)


Pp said...

hitam yang ku sangka menawan
rupanya, hitam topeng syaitan

th said...

what the..?!

-wankhalil- said...
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-wankhalil- said...

aku dah agak dah, klu dia xsokong yahudi laknatullah, mmg dia xkan disenaraikan sbg calon president le politik US, dari dulu sampai skang...semua presiden US sokong yahudi.

Born2Reign said...

So what if he supports Yahudi? Our own UMNO supports UMNO Malays and blatantly discrimnates the orang asli, working class Malays, Chinese, Indians, Portugese, etc.

The Muslims in Malaysia just turn a blind eye, no demonstrations against Quran swearing ministers and their Saifool kulis. The Muslims in Malaysia ignore the plight of victims of Islam and prefer to defend Islam with aggression (and blessings from police).

The Muslims of Malaysia are comfortable with police brutality, ISA detention, corruption, ketuanan Melayu, they don't demonstrate against these.

Let's not look at the race and religion of the person. As if his skin is black he should be like UMNOshiteras and the "weak from priviledges" Malays, and condone bribery and fatwa on yoga. There are evil Muslims as well as good Muslims. Just as there are good Jews as well as evil Jews.

Obama stands for NO DISCRIMINATION. About time the discriminating Malays change their evil ways.

Before you criticise Obama or Bush, clean up our own Malaysian PM and DPM, and the prostitute UMNO members, and the straight As graduates who cannot even fill up Oxford forms.

Semua PM Muslim Malaysia sokong duit haram dan diskriminasi!!