Monday, November 17, 2008

They have a right to appoint a monkey as UM's VC - Malaysiakini

I was reading the Malaysiakini report Axed UM VC says its because she's a woman with a bit of astonishment.
How damaging can it be for an academician to have this kind of attitude, but then again, she has her rights to defend herself as well as emotional outburst in public once she left the university.

My wife is a medical graduate of UM and in year 2000, we had the then UM VC (my wife's former lecturer) as our guest. Prof Anuar Zaini came over to buka puasa with former UIA's Rector Prof Kamal Hassan. We had maghrib prayers together and I was the imam that honour to have distinguished guests.

According to the report, former Universiti Malaya vice-chancellor Rafiah Salim, who is the first woman to head a public university in the country, has alleged gender bias by the government towards local academicians amidst the controversy of her not being re-appointed to the post.

She was appointed in May 2006 and her service was extended to 6 months this year before the ministry decided to discontinue her services and was informed merely 48 hours before the expiry of her term.

She has locked horns with Deputy Higher Education Minister Idris Haron after the latter gave an explanation in Parliament on why her contract was not renewed.
Idris had said that UM needed someone with a high level of performance who could elevate the university’s status and the new appointee, Ghauth of multimedia university, had vast experience in public universities.

On this, an irked Rafiah who is 61 young argued: "I don’t care why they have replaced me but what I am upset about is the defamatory remarks that the deputy minister made in Parliament."

She defended her two-and-a-half year term at UM vehemently and to sue Idris If he had said it outside Parliament. Rafiah boasted that she had 34 years of an excellent career.

She also pointed out that the university has managed to climb the Times Higher Education World University’s rankings from 246 last year to 230 this year.
Rafiah was obviously upset over the 48-hour notice given to her over the non-renewal of her contract, saying this showed the ministry’s lack of respect for ‘basic human decency’.
She claimed that the decision not to extend her contract had already been made beforehand - even before the search committee tasked with appointing the VC had interviewed her.
She further claimed that the system is flawed. Even though the Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin talks of transparency... there is no transparency as the position was not advertised. There are no criteria and nobody knows what criteria they are looking for in the candidates.

Well, it is not new in our government's administration and we wonder why we have so many yes men/women in the public service?

"They have a right to appoint a monkey if they want," she told Malaysiakini.

And in tomorrow's Malaysiakini, she will reveal more on political interference in UM!

Stay tune for more damaging revelations on how our public universities are being run.


Letting the time pass me by said...

A good posting.. well at least now there is more can of worms being opened in the public... Keep on telling us those hot topics...

solid air batu panas said...

The VC position is an appointment. Be ready to have it taken away. You have 6 months to prep!!! Not many have that months of luxury.
Get on with your life... this might on the other hand releases the shackles on you feet and let you free from the 30 over years of sheltered life from perceived reality.

Cyber said...

I think it is not the decision to terminate her service that she's having problem with, probably not even so much in the way it was done, but the insulting remark made by the Deputy Higher Education Minister in the Parliament, who ironically seemed to suffer from low education syndrome and failed to explain the situation in a more acceptable manner without putting a good person down (especially highly educated and accomplished academicians), that really got to her - who wouldn't be.

Reezal said...

Betulla dia punya marah...:)
Rasanya Prof. Hashim yang kene 'pecat' secara terhormat dari post VC dulu pun tak semarah mcm nie...hehe dunia...dunia..:)

ubj said...

do not want to mingle with the issue. but in appointing gauth, they have made the right decision