Monday, November 24, 2008

Satu lagi sebab babi di haramkan

Berita dari ABC di sini

Pork Tapeworms a Small, But Growing Trend
"We've got a lot more of cases of this in the United States now," said Raymond Kuhn, professor of biology and an expert on parasites at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. "Upwards of 20 percent of neurology offices in California have seen it."

The pork tapeworm has plagued people for thousands of years. The parasite, known as cysticercosis, lives in pork tissue, and is likely the reason why Jewish and Muslim dietary laws ban pork.
Kuhn said whether you get a tapeworm in the intestine, or a worm burrowing into your brain can depend on how you consumed the parasite.


F Ariffin said...

Science has discovered many things but insignificant compared to the knowledge of God. As long as we remember that we don't eat pork to obey Allah and not because of tape worms. Allah gives us rule to test us like he tested Adam and Hawa, forbidding them from eating from the tree. We may sense the hikmah but these are not the reasons (illah).

john said...

why blame the pig only?

please do a google search on zoonosis, & read :
& & etc.

from a "non-pork-beef-mutton eater by choice"