Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malaysia - Beyond Anwar & Najib - Malaysiakini

Analysis in Malaysiakini, Perfecting PKR mentions about Pakatan’s major partner PKR will hold its annual congress this weekend at Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam, Selangor.

PKR as a growing party reflects the truism that politics tend to revolve around personalities - in this case, de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, 61.
Some consider him the ‘Malaysian Obama’ in terms of charisma, oratory skills and crowd-pulling ability; even detractors find it difficult to dispute the electioneering calibre of the former deputy prime minister.

But I tend to agree as even within his own party - are not so sure Anwar being perceived as the only opposition leader qualified to be the alternative prime minister. A critic contends that Anwar is his own worse enemy.

A PKR insider says that, “Every major decision on party matters seems to need Anwar’s tacit approval and frequently his indecisiveness has stalled or delayed the party’s progress.”

It is Anwar-centric syndrome in decision-making that could be the real stumbling block for PKR to move forward. Anwar is a dictator!

This is not a healthy practice and with the current national leadership, it is time for the party leaders to delegate decision-making to technocrats within PKR to strengthen its organisational structure.

The question is, who are those PKR leaders can be seen as new Obama in waiting?

The real battle will be in the next election when United Malays National Organisation and gangs will make sure the last election fiasco will not be repeated. Otherwise, they will be doomed. Forget 2008 election storm or September 16, move forward for real battle ahead.

Yes, I agree that PKR must diversify its image by creating successful role-models from within its ranks. Success stories of its leaders in community services or building rapport with constituents will help to build its image as a mass movement rather than a bunch of UMNO wannabes.

Malaysia people must look beyond Anwar and Najib.....and we have 23 million people to begin with by excluding all UMNO (hantu) members!

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kruel said...

People are already fed up with politics and if PKR don't capitilise the assets in the states they won last election, they might not gain a second term