Saturday, November 29, 2008

If You Want To Work In or Migrate to New Zealand - Malaysiakini

During this turmoil, opportunities are ample for those who seek to see things in different perspectives or those who would like venture out for new challenges.

Back in 1999 during the then economic crisis, I planned my way (with assistance from a friend) to Saudi Arabia with a dream to find new careers and new life for my young family. Alhamdulillah, my prayers during the hajj in 2000 were answered and I was in Dubai immediately after completing the hajj.

I only knew Dubai through 'Emirates airlines' billboard on Jalan Sultan Ismail. Never knew much about the UAE as well except Dubai was a popular transit airport. It took me for a while to really understand the risks but I told myself, 'what the heck, nothing to lose, if I do not like it, I will return home and start all over again'.

About decade later, I still find Dubai fascinating but things are not as before. And in 2005, I traveled to New Zealand with my family for holidays. Same old country that I left in 1988 and managed to drive all the way from Auckland to my foster family home in Wainuiomata without getting lost. Same roads and same picturesque trip to memory lane.

Now, there are opportunities for those who may have some dreams for some changes in life.

New visa categories proposed by new National government

The newly elected National government has proposed three new visa categories including a “Silver Fern” category, which would allow people with recognised tertiary qualifications to travel to New Zealand and to work in temporary jobs while looking for permanent employment in a highly skilled area.

Which visa catergory suits you best?

The new Essential Skills in Demand List means that it´s now even easier for potential migrants like you to work out which visa entry category is most applicable, based on your experience and skills relevant to particular industries and regions.

New National Government Plans Visa Changes

The newly elected National Party has announced planned changes to the New Zealand migration system. Following on from their election promises to encourage Kiwis working overseas to return home and foreign skilled migrants to move to NZ, Dr Lockwood-Smith, the party’s immigration spokesman, has announced three new visa categories.

The three new categories include a Silver Fern visa, which will be introduced to allow would-be migrants the opportunity to travel to NZ to find employment. They will be allowed to work in temporary jobs whilst they hunt for something permanent and once they have found long term work they will be able to transfer the visa into a two year working visa.
National is also proposing a new 6 month, temporary work visa for anyone who obtains seasonal work and a Retirement visa which will allow wealthy retirees to emigrate to New Zealand with funds to invest.

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