Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fatwa Memandu Kereta Secara Berbahaya

Kelihatan banyak poster yang sudah usang di Dubai yang membawa fatwa, "Memandu Secara Berbahaya adalah BERDOSA".

Antara maksud memandu secara berhaya ialah

1. Melanggar lampu merah

2. Melanggar undang-undang jalanraya

3. Memandu laju

4. Menyebabkan kecelakaan yang membawa kematian, kecederaan, kelumpuhan

5. Merosakkan hartabenda

Fatwa ini dikeluarkan oleh Mufti Besar Dubai pada Mac 2007.

Begitupun, tidak banyak publisiti mengenai fatwa ini dan sepanjang tahun lalu kecelakaan jalanraya terus meningkat di Dubai.

Ada sebanyak 1.85 juta kenderaan di UAE di mana Dubai mempunyai nisbah kereta dan penduduk tertinggi di dunia iaitu, 541 buah untuk setiap 1000 penduduk.

Dubai: Fatwa Bans Reckless Driving

By Salman Dossari
Dubai, Asharq Al-Awsat- Dubai authorities have resorted to a religious decree (Fatwa) to remedy the large number of fatal traffic accidents that occur on a monthly basis among nationals and residents.
Dubai's Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad al Haddad issued a fatwa prohibiting the running red lights, violating traffic laws and speeding. In the fatwa, he stressed that authorities are entitled to jail or impose fines on violators when it deems it in the public interest.
According to the latest official figures, traffic fatalities in Dubai rose this January by 11.5% (compared with January 2006) at 29 deaths, while last December saw the death toll reach an all-time high of 44 fatalities.
In the fatwa, Dr. al Haddad asserts that those who run red lights, change lanes or go over the speed limit jeopardize themselves and others. "This might cause their death, kill others or inflict damage on their and others' properties, which is considered harm and prohibited by Islam.
The fatwa came after Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai, summoned officials and demanded that a system to discourage reckless driving be implemented.
Engineer Badr Mattar al Siri, Director of Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), told Asharq Al-Awsat that capitalizing on people's religious conviction usually yields good results. He pointed out that some youths upon hearing the fatwa have since changed their driving habits.

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Pentilium5 said...

Some of the edicts issued by religious depts banning the very obvious... like hello...(a) pengkid ... thats so obvious.. why need new fatwa ... (b) total yoga practise (with visualiation of the word OM/visualise the gods nectar flowing to your body etc...) - No sane Muslim would ever do that right? isnt that so obvious?

They should really be more adaptable in these integrated world... be more approachable to younger kids, not banning everything they deemed not suitable... thats obviously not the way!