Thursday, November 13, 2008

Countdown to QE2 arrival begins....Shipwrecked in the sand

QE2, the world’s most famous ocean liner, has now departed from Southampton, UK, on her ultimate voyage to Dubai. She will arrive at Mina Rashid in 15 days, and will then undergo a transformation that will see her become a centre of culture and luxury on the eastern trunk side of Palm Jumeirah.
On arrival in Dubai on Wednesday 26 November, QE2 will be greeted at The World islands by a flotilla of local yachts, boats and leisure-craft led by a Royal Navy Frigate. Local yacht and boat owners are encouraged to take part in the ‘royal’ welcome and accompany QE2 through the Arabian Gulf to Mina Rashid.
Those interested in joining the flotilla should register their interest at
Yesterday’s QE2 Southampton departure was marked by a farewell visit from HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the fly-past of a Harrier jump jet, which hovered and bowed to QE2 just 500 feet off her stern. People from all over the UK turned out in force at Southampton docks to bid bon voyage to this most beloved of British icons.
Manfred Ursprunger, CEO of QE2 Enterprises, Nakheel Hotels said:
“The arrival of QE2 is one of the most anticipated events of the year and Nakheel is proud to be the custodian of such a historic treasure. Plans for QE2 include her transformation into an ultra-luxury floating hotel where she’ll form the centre-piece of a luxurious residential, entertainment, marina, and hotel development off the trunk of Palm Jumeirah. A heritage museum displaying artefacts from QE2 and of local maritime history will also feature in the precinct.”
QE2 was purchased last year by our parent company, Dubai World, and we have already commenced construction on a luxury marina development on Palm Jumeirah. QE2 will form the pinnacle of a palatial pier that will stretch 300 metres out from the trunk into the waters of the Arabian Gulf.
QE2 is arguably one of the world’s most famous ships. She has circumnavigated the world 25 times, crossed the Atlantic more than 800 times and carried more than 2.5 million passengers including kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents, astronauts and many international celebrities.
She survived a 95 ft wave during Hurricane Luis, carried 3000 troops to the Falklands War and rescued 500 passengers from a burning ship. She is a record breaker for both speed and endurance, has featured in countless films and television shows and draws crowds to every port she docks in.

The majestic vessel had planned to make a dramatic entrance to Southampton Water at dawn, to mark its final visit to its home port before it sails for Dubai and a new life as a luxury floating hotel. Unfortunately, the QE2's arrival was marked by drama of a slightly less regal kind when the ship ran aground on the sandbar and had to be towed free by a flotilla of tugs.

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