Tuesday, October 07, 2008

YB Lim Guan Eng in Dubai

Penang is keen to draw lessons from UAE
by Regina William

GEORGE TOWN: Penang is keen to draw lessons from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) experience to help transform it into an international city and location of choice for investors, a destination of choice for tourists and a habitat of choice for those who desire sustainable living.

“Instead of making this as a final goal, making quality as a way of life can help to promote a culture of excellence. Perhaps this is why so many talented Malaysians and Penangites from all races are working or doing business in United Arab Emirates. From 200 only 10 years ago, the number of Malaysians has increased 30 times to 6,000,” said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in a statement yesterday.
Lim is on a visit to the UAE with InvestPenang executive committee chairman Datuk Lee Kah Choon and InvestPenang director and Jelutong member of parliament Jeff Ooi.
He added that the breakneck economic growth in Abu Dhabi and Dubai was remarkable.
Lim would be visiting the Dubai Cityscape 2008, a four-day international real estate exhibition and reputedly the largest in the world. There are two huge projects, namely the 350 billion dirham (RM330.6 billion) Jumeirah Gardens, to be built over 12 years by Meraas Development in Dubai, and the construction of a 140 billion dirham structure by Dubai developers Nakheel.
The 1,000-metre tall building will surpass the emirate’s 807-metre Burj Dubai. The total cost of these projects is close to US$1 trillion (RM3.48 trillion).
Lim said that stressing on quality economic growth did not mean core values would be ignored.
“The local population are well taken care off with their huge oil revenues and are also devout Muslims.
“Tourists and foreigners from all over the world, especially Caucasians outnumber the locals four to one because of an open and liberal lifestyle.”

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Fazrul Shahril said...

Salam Bro,

Amboi segak2 nooo.. raya ngan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang lagi.. hee.. patut la dia tak da kat sini .heee.. orait...

rascal r us said...

Salam Fudzail,
If Penang were to mirror the development of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, There will be an influx of foreigner into Penang, wher the Foreigner will outnumber the local by 9 to 1.

Again, I want to question Lim Guan Eng, For whom will this development be for ? The local people or the foreigners? Where are we going to place the influx of froeigner when times go bad . ie downturn/ stagnation times?

Where will the malays be when the foreigner buys up all the lands for condominiums? Perhaps at the Penang Zoo under category of endangered species? Like the Taiwanese indegenous tribes/ Malays?

Perhaps Lim Guan Eng and Sons & Co would probably benefit from this excercise. More Chinese heirachy from th lucrative nepotist insider tradings?


wanrosaini said...

It is a pity and poignantly disturbing that one's prejudices blinded, shackled and twisted one's mind to a point where every single action, plan, mission by 'the other government' is thumbed down and rubbished summarily. I want to pretend for a second that I do not know this rascal FH so that I am less shocked at his myopic viewpoints.
What makes FH think that learning from UAE experience will instantly make Penang UAE's identical twin or a clone? The key word is learning. Perhaps to starting point to learn at this mid point in life is to unlearn and relearn. Both unlearning and relearning requires a strong will from a person to rid of one's hatred, prejudices and poisoned mind. There is nothing gained when we beat our big harry chest and proclaim to the world that you can go to Dubai or Ogadougou but you are bound to fail because you are the 'other government'. Where and when was this seed planted in FH mind to see things along the line of 'us and 'them'? Is this the mantra of UMNO Baru?
Give me break! It's nauseating enough with the level of intoxication you have been exposed to in pouring scented water to the decay and rot of the putrid leadership of UMNO.
The premise of FH hypothesis is fatally flawed and there is one way it is going to end up in. Trash.

ryc said...

Assalamualaikum !,Salam bahagia,

Pls read this ,KUDOS PR government @ http://www.wandering-troubadour.blogspot.com/

Teruskan usaha anda rakyat amat berterima kasih dan berdoa agar Anda pemerintah sentiasa dilindungiNya.

Syabas !