Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Google might be killing your job search

I have received a lot of inquiries regarding job or career opportunities in the UAE. As well as a lot of CVs sent by those who seek my assistance.

I would like to remind those who are interested to pursue new careers here that I am not an employment agency as well as I have limitations. I have developed a blog, Kerjadubai, as part of contributions to assist others. The rate of success is unknown but I know there are some success stories from those who are already in Dubai.

Most CVs that I have received so far are not up to the standard with too much unnecessary detail and information. Some CVs are written in very poor English. Some are written in mixed Bahasa Melayu and English (like project names).

Most tend to write their education starting from primary school (I sometimes make a joke about this...who cares about your primary education). Those from boarding schools tend to feel proud about their alma maters, again, in Dubai, who cares whether you are fom MCKK, MRSM, etc. It is not your glorious school that matters.

Leave your PMR/SRP results out even though you have all As and minimize your SPM result into a single line, passed with excellence.

University level is important but please exclude your participations in kelab tarian, ROTU etc. Just plain degree with honours or CGPA and year of graduation.

Take out your salary history. It may cost you a better package as generally Malaysia salaries are very much lower and with the cost of living here, do not play play with salary or package. Some had bad experience when they found out that the offered salaries were inadequate to live comfortably in the foreign land.

Normal job offers come with basic salary, housing allowance, travel allowance, children school allowance, medical benefits for family.

How much is enough? Depending on your jobs and experience or talents. Minimum for young couple could be AED25,000 per month.

Good CVs should have up to 3 pages only with highlights on achievements of previous employments, not scope of work. Who cares your scope of work if you have not achieved anything on KPIs.

By the way, with the current technology invasion in our modern online life, sometimes we forget that we can be traced and trailed or scammed or fitnah.

Be careful even facebook is not safe for your reputations. By using google, your potential employer may catch something about your not-so-glorious past.

Columnist Anita Bruzzese solicits advice on managing your online reputation. This one was, especially insightful, and useful not only for job hunters but also for the happily employed!
"I had a client who had a reputation as a hard-nosed manager. After losing his position after an acquisition, he found himself in a job search for the first time in a number of years. Because he was highly respected, he thought the search would go quickly. On several occasions, he would get to the final stages prior to hiring with a company showing great enthusiasm, only to suddenly be dropped from consideration. At this point he came to see me. We did a Google search and found that when we searched his name, No. 5 in the Google search results was a link to an industry forum page where he was being trashed anonymously by some people that had worked for him, calling him an unfit manager.

Here's what we did. We changed everything (resume, cover letters, online profiles, etc.) to his full name. People will typically Google what is on the resume. When his full name was Googled, nothing negative showed up. We took advantage of a few key online profiles like LinkedIn. Google loves it and for most people, if they have a LinkedIn profile, it will show up first if you Google them. I also had my client write a book review on his favorite management book and post it on Amazon. This gave the opportunity to show a little thought leadership and demonstrate his management knowledge. This helped counter the negatives. The result was that within weeks Joshua was hired."


axa said...

one nice tips...

it helps a lot..
thanks mr fudzail..!

Hajar said...

Interesting insight ...

... the Internet and its power to wipe out any chances of us nailing the perfect dream job. Not so mind boggling. :)