Monday, October 20, 2008

Reinventing the mindsets of Malaysians By Looking to the Finns!

There was a look east policy implemented about 25 years ago when the then new PM tried to change the mindset of Malaysians. He made a single time zone for West and East Malaysia. The look east policy was to change the Malaysian work attitude and ethics by following the Japanese and Korean peoples.

Did we succeed or become worse? We are more corrupt today than 25 years ago and our education system has turned into a joke.

We should look to the west, somewhere near the artic to change the mindset by emulating, if not learning from Finnish success stories!

The Finnish Report Card
Finland has largely remade itself over the last 35 years, revamping its education system, transforming its medical care structure and creating a new high-tech sector that, thanks to cell phone manufacturer Nokia, has become an international player. Today Finland is regularly cited as among the world's best in a variety of indexes and comparisons. For example:
· The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ranks Finland's the most competitive economy in the world.
· Yale and Columbia universities rank the nations of the world in a "sustainability index" that measures a country's ability to "protect the natural environment over the next several decades." Finland is first in the rankings.
· Statistics kept by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development show that Finland invests more of its gross domestic product in research and development than any country but Sweden.
· Finnish 15-year-olds score first in the industrial world on comparative tests of their academic abilities.
· According to a global survey by Transparency International, Finland is perceived as the least corrupt country in the world. (The United States is tied for 17th.)
· Finns read newspapers and take books out of libraries at rates as high or higher than all other countries.
· Finland trains more musicians, per capita, than any other country.
-- Robert G. Kaiser

In Finland's Footsteps
If We're So Rich and Smart, Why Aren't We More Like Them?
By Robert G. KaiserSunday, August 7, 2005; Page B01
Life in Finland, one of the world's best functioning welfare states and least known success stories, can be complicated. Consider the dilemma confronting parents looking for day care for a 4-year-old daughter in Kuhmo, a town of 10,000 near the middle of the country.

Should they put their child into the town nursery school, where she could spend her weekdays from 6:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. with about 40 other children, cared for by a 47-year-old principal with 20 years' experience, Mirsa Pussinen, as well as four teachers with master's degrees in preschool education, two teacher's aides and one cook?

How to decide? There's no financial difference; both forms of day care cost the parents nothing. There's no difference in the schooling that will follow day care -- all the kids in Kuhmo (and throughout Finland) will have essentially identical opportunities in Finnish schools, Europe's best. There is no "elite" choice, no working-class choice; everyone is treated equally.

The girl would hear books read aloud every day, play games with numbers and the alphabet, learn some English, dig in the indoor sandbox or run around outside, sing and perform music, dress up for theatrical games, paint pictures, eat a hot lunch, take a nap if she wanted one, learn to play and work with others.
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artic turban said...

First of all this is practically impossible because first you have to allow my comment to run as it is, it is whether you personally are willing to hear the point of view of a marginalised fellow Malaysian, what malaysia is all about.This is not an anti MALAY comment but a reality check, if you can't do that , than as always, the katak di bawah tempurung mentality will prevail.

Do you think Malaysians can learn from the finns, only possible, if you put religion in its proper place i.e. between a person and his god, in other words it is personal dont use religion to flaunt ketuanan melayu, take out corruption from the malay culture, especially those formerly and still in UMNO, (examples of 'sedekah'-perak adun and the selangor MB, P.A.keadilan members but ex-umno mentality) I am a Malaysian living in finland, having lived here the past 17 years, with breaks in between to come back to Malaysia, How do you educate the govt servants and the peoples' mentality of getting rid of, it is wrong to make money 'hak saya utk cari makan' UMNO's race politics, when the leaders are corrupt, just look at the money politics which is going on right now in the Umno elections.
the govt. policy of propoganda under the BTN, EVERYBODY IS STEALING FROM THE Malays, look down on the other races. get rid of this inferiority complex from the Malays, get rid of the crutch mentality, look at the SINGAPOREAN MALAYS, even they look down on the malaysian Malays, WHY? BECAUSE THEY CLIMB UP BASED ON MERIT. THEY CAN HOLD THEIR NOSES HIGH, UNLIKE OUR CRUTCH MENTALITY MALAYSIANS.
If a clean govt is formed it must come out with govt policies of equality and level playing field, lead by merit, scholarships by merit, How do you change a whole generation of malaysians who have been brainwashed with the false prophet policies of MAHATHIR, THE KING OF MALAYSIAN CORRUPTION. IT WILL TAKE 2 GENERATIONS AT LEAST, TO EDUCATE THE MALAYS, WHAT IS REALITY and not propoganda dongeng nenek moyang, if you want to see Malaysia follow Finland's example, frankly to tell you the truth, it would be easier to ask cats to grow horns.
In Finland you have free education even if you are a pauper's child or the president's child, same for medical benifits, FREE MEDICAL, YOU CAN GO FOR A BYPASS SURGERY FREE OF CHARGE, (MINIMIL CHARGES, e.g. rm 100) health care, education, vocational training, university education, work environment, workers rights, everthing in its proper place, I am a Malaysian/ PR STATUS, who is entitled to unemployment benefits if I am unemployed irrespective of my race or country of origin. No racial discrimination, if a finnish collegue racially insults me, I can file charges through the police under discrimination laws, and my rights even as a non citizen of finland will be respected. DO YOU THINK MALAYSIA CAN FOLLOW THAT, IT COMES WITH A TRUTHFULL EDUCATION SYSTEM, not the propoganda biased history as what is being taught in schools.
In finland you can be the richest person in the country, the law is equal. for e.g. a speeding fine is based on your income!!!!!!!, an example is the CEO OF NOKIA HAD TO PAY MORE THAN RM500,000 ringgit for speeding, why because the fine is based on your income not a fixed sum.
'A director of the Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, has received what is believed to be the most expensive speeding ticket ever.
Anssi Vanjoki, 44, has been ordered to pay a fine of 116,000 euros ($103,600) after being caught breaking the speed limit on his Harley Davidson motorbike in the capital, Helsinki, in October last year.Mr Vanjoki is a Harley Davidson enthusiast
Police say he was driving at 75 km/h (47 mph) in a 50km/h (31 mph) zone.
In Finland, traffic fines are proportionate to the latest available data on an offender's income. '
But to get all the good stuff you have to pay for it through taxes, FINLAND HAS ONE OF THE HIGEST TAX BRACKETS IN THE WORLD, IT STARTS
even if you are unemployed you pay minimum taxes from 20%. housing is provided subsidised by the state and deducted from your social benefits. But that does not mean you can cheat the govt. govt officials are incorruptable, the police commissioner resigned because he took his oficial vehicle home after a late meeting, this was conceived as an abuse of power, whereas in MALAYSIA IT IS OK TO MAKE COMMISSION FOR SUKHOI FIGHTERS, SCORPENE SUBMARINES, EUROCOPTERS, ALL UNDER THE SCOPE OF NEP KETUANAN MELAYU UMNO.

Why is it that it is rare to hear of PAS and DAP POLITICIANS getting arrested for corruption, maybe they have got it right for a change. Maybe it is these political parties we should be looking at, inclusive of keadilan, if DSAI CAN GET RID OF THE UMNO MENTALITY FROM HIS KEADILAN SUPPORTERS AND POLITICIANS, WITH PAKATAN RAKYAT I DO SEE HOPE FOR MALAYSIA TO FOLLOW THE FINNS, i SAID HESITANTLY, MAYBE , and that is what Malaysians want, a clean corrupt free govt.

artic turban said...

comment from the wife of artic turban,
It is nice to read other peoples comments about my homecountry.I lived in Malaysia for nine years and I liked it a lot. But, but....
along the years I started to be more and more scared for my children. They attended local school in Malaysia and what did they learn??? basically nothing.
When we came back,our children did not have any knowledge about world history etc.theirs classmates were far more advanced in all the subjects. Saddest thing is that in Malaysia children are not "the most important thing".Malaysia should learn to invest for the children, because they are the future leaders of the country.
And for my opinion Malaysia should rewamp the whole educationsystem. Forget all about the old ways of teaching and make the children to think with theirs own brains. Children has a huge potential to do so. For my opinion this is biggest difference between Malaysia and Finnish education system,and that was the major reason why we came back; we could not see any future for our kids in Malaysia.Couple years back the Malaysia minister of education came to Finland to learn how we do it, but where is the result? Malaysia needs a person who is firmly standing in childrens side and who will honestly taking the education for hers/his cause. Not just thinkig how much money they can make by side.