Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Olmer's Parting Musings - What a surreal legacy!

Well, there is another lame-duck leader in the world, beside Pak Lah and unfortunately, he is Ehud Olmert.

Unfortunately, unlike Pak Lah, Olmert has just woken up from his terrorist dream by advocating that Israel terrorist regime should withdraw from almost all of the occupied territories.

It is a fresh hope but then again, he is the outgoing PM and has nothing much to influence as he has already resigned from his post.

Back to Pak Lah, I have read Zaid Ibrahim's letter to Pak Lah in Malaysiakini and he states, even in Israel, a nation that is perpetually at war, the power to detain is not vested in one man and detention orders require endorsement from a judge.

His parting shot:
Mr Prime Minister, I remember very clearly what you once said; that if one has the opportunity to do what is good and right for the country, then he must take on the task. I respect you deeply for that and if I were confident that I would have been able to do some good for Malaysia, I would have remained on your team. Sir, you are still the Prime Minister and you still have the opportunity to leave your footprint in Malaysian history. I urge you to do so by repealing the ISA once and for all.

But I would say, DREAM ON....Pak Lah will never dare to make that quantum leap for a better Malaysia as he is allegedly now also busy negotiating Eurocopter deal on behalf of his son...a raya deal for next 30 years makan tak habis for his beloved son.

I hope this is not true and I still dream that Pak Lah during his final days as PM would have more sensible things to act for lasting legacy like, repel ISA, release all ISA detainees and immediately charge them properly if there is enough evidence to prosecute, and, well, sack all his stooge ministers. That's beside other urgent things like economy plans for rakyat's welfare after he had foolishly raised the fuel price.

I have been watching a lot of US's TV channels helmed by Jews. I feel these Jews (not necessarily Zionists) have more sense (love their sense of humour) on certain world's issues. They have brains, network, money and power to influence the world through mass media and we have to admit, these Jews control the world. Sadly, we are still whining for little things after 51 years of merdeka!

And Olmert makes sense at last after all these years, except, too late and too little. Again, it could be a ploy as anyone of Israel's PMs, dead or alive, will not make make his/her legacy by recognising fully the legitimate and historical claims of all Palestinians, like no UMNO/BN leaders will dare to abolish ISA!

Time reports Olmert's Lame-Epiphany About Palestinian Peace

He is a former leader in the rightist Likud Party who for decades staunchly believed that the West Bank and Gaza Strip belonged to the Jewish people and that the territories, along with the Golan Heights, should remain part of Greater Israel forever. Along with former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert gradually came to understand that this was a fantasy.

They broke away from Likud and created the centrist Kadima ("Onward") Party three years ago. Now, as Olmert hands the reins to Tzipi Livni and leaves office amid a corruption scandal, he's made a series of stunning departure statements that form a swan song of historical importance. Peace advocates, Israeli dreamers, Arab skeptics and U.S. mediators in a future McCain or Obama Administration should read his words carefully and take note.

Gulf News has something to say:-
Bitter reality of Olmert's parting words

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been in a caretaker role since quitting on September 21. Obviously feeling unencumbered and unfettered by the natural restraints placed upon the leader of the Jewish state, Olmert actually dared speak his mind to an Israel newspaper in an end-of-term interview.

" I am saying what no previous Israeli leader has ever said: we should withdraw from almost all of the territories, including in East Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights," he said in an interview with Yedioth Ahrohoth. He also said Israel should shed its occupied colonies in the West Bank.

"We have to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, meaning that in practice we will withdraw from nearly all of the territories, if not all of them... I'd like to see if there is one serious person in the State of Israel who believes it is possible to make peace with the Syrians without eventually giving up the Golan Heights," Olmert said.

How interesting that the hawkish leader has suddenly learnt the ways of the doves whom he so pilloried in the interests of political expediency. For generations, those who have sought peace have always argued the Golan must be returned to Syria. That argument comes not from political expediency, rather than simple necessity and natural justice.

According to Palestinian and Western officials, Olmert has proposed in peace talks that Israel would withdraw from 93 per cent of the occupied West Bank, plus all of the Gaza Strip from which the Jewish state pulled out in 2005. The lame-duck leader should, however, have gone further: Nothing less that 100 per cent is acceptable, and all Israel colonies must be returned.

The Israeli press called Olmert's musings a legacy interview. Too bad he chose not to make his legacy one of recognising fully the legitimate and historical claims of all Palestinians. Too little, too late.

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