Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rafidah Aziz to be Petronas Chairwoman?

DS Rafidah Aziz has been issued with Petronas green staff card for accessibility at Petronas executive office.
Is she going to be the new Petronas chairwoman?


Nomie Aziz said...

she supposed to have a good rest now..dah banyak duit dah...still not enough?hmmm..

th said...

when will money be enough..not for anyone..never...

"oh..i dont do this for money..i'm doing this because i feel responsible and just to perform my duty for my people.."

damn her..
(as usual,as typical answerssss..)

nikmj said...

hang biaq betui ... xdok orang lain lagi ke yg boleh diamanahkan untuk jadi boss petronas ... kang nanti habis anak beranak dia sapu petronas punyer syer..

Trey said...


Has it occured to you that maybe, just maybe, she may be in the KLCC towers and has such access because she has an office in a company based there? I know that she is now an advisor of a company/association which is based in tower 2.

Check your facts, ok?