Monday, October 13, 2008

Join Me For A Lavish USD 1 Million Vacation!

Emirates Palace launches a lavish Million Dollar Package

The stunning grandeur of one of the most expensive hotels ever built demands ultra-luxury offerings for its guests, including unrivalled facilities and incredible tailor made designer packages. The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, exceeds all expectations with its latest...a fantastic once in a lifetime all-out package with a hefty value of 1,000,000 US Dollars !

This package incarnates pure opulence and includes the following for 2 guests:
* First class return trip from any international destination serviced by Etihad Airlines to Abu Dhabi
* Seven night stay in a 680 sqm Palace Suite at Emirates Palace on an all-inclusive basis.

* Chauffeur driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi
* Daily spa treatment in the Anantara Spa
* Day trip in private jet to Iran to create your own Persian carpet from the most exclusive and well-renowned hand-maker
* Day trip in private jet to the Dead Sea Jordan to experience the famous sea and an afternoon Anantara spa treatment in the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

* Day trip to Bahrain in private jet for a pearl deep sea experience. Your pearl will then be hand designed with jewelry settings
* Royal Golf experience at Abu Dhabi Golf Club
* Make your own perfume with experts from YAS Perfume
* Deep sea fishing trip

* Gifts including champagne sunset and desert island tour.
* Gifts including the rarest pearls in the world from Robert Wang and a selection from Holland & Holland Sporting Guns
So there's the answer to that million dollar question...

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ryc said...

Thursday, 9 October 2008
kudos PR government
A close personal friend narrated to me his experience with both UMNO/BN government & the PR state government on his plight for some assistance. This is a heartwrending piece from him as I encouraged him to pen it down to be shared with all of us. This is to demonstrate how ARROGANT the UMNO/BN government is and HOW CARING the PR government is. The PR government has indeed come out of the parochial and racial politics and demonstrated its capability to be a truly magnificent and caring government (at least at state level for now).

I salute those DAP, PKR and PAS people that came out all the way to help this man. If they continue to WALK THE TALK, it will not be long before we will see the rise of a truly deserving government of the day. Those DAP leaders and members in Cheras area have shown their unselfish and clour-blind attitude in helping, the very least emotionally, the man to continue to struggle to get out of relative poverty. I take my hat off to those PAS and PKR leaders that demonstrated their sincerity in helping this unfortunate man.

Please read the piece at, written by a man I knew very well but request anonymity. This is just one story out of numerous incidents that I personally heard. Who says Malaysian are racists? Do not let the myopic minority be made example of the far-sighted and good-hearted Malaysians.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008