Thursday, September 11, 2008

We need your help: we got first offer for the land to build a mosque in the capital of Slovenia

From an email:

This appeal is from a friend of mine who is a Bosniak married to a Singaporean Malay and is currently living in Singapore. He did his university diploma on Attitude of Slovenian newspapers toward Islam in 2000 and did his Masters Degree on Relationship between European governments and Muslim Communities in 2005. Currently he is doing his Ph.D. on the same topic. :) He is also the author of 5 books about Islam and Muslims in general, which can be found with Google
Ahmed Pasic is very energetic and active to help the Muslim communities in his homeland, including with his involvement in the Islamic Community of Slovenia from 1988 to 2006. They have been able to build many masjids in Bosnia, but this is the first they have been allowed to build in Slovenia. Maybe we can provide some financial assistance to make this noble venture a success, Inshallah!
Let me know if you are interested in donating to buy square meters of land for the masjid in Slovenia.
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Sent: Monday, September 8, 2008 10:24:06 PM
Subject: We need your help: we got first offer for the land to build a mosque in the capital of Slovenia

Dear brother and sisters, assalamu alaikum!

We have been waiting for 39 years to buy a land for the mosque in the capital of Slovenia. Those who live in Europe know this is one of rare European countries with adequate mosque and for 39 they were putting obstacles. After the pressure from EU, they have finally official issued an offer for the land. Once we buy the land, we can proceed with constructing. Mosque will include classrooms for kids, lecture room, appartments for imams, parking area, cultural center, library, restaurant, museum etc. With other words, this is the most important project of Islamic Community in Slovenia ever.
We need to raise 4 million EUR till November 2008. On Saturday, 6 September and Sunday, 7 September we managed to fund-raise 1 million EUR through Bosniak Muslim communities in the world. We sent our representatives all around the world to collect the money for the land. Respond is great, alhamdulillah but we need your help.

We are motivating people to buy 1 square meter of the land.
The project is called 1 MAN - 1 METER. It was nicely accepted by Muslims and every day we receive money based on this project. The cost for 1 square meter is 402 EUR.
If you are able to donate and want to buy 1 square meter in the name of Allah (swt) for the first mosque with minaret in Slovenia, please let me know and I will pass you the bank account details with instructions how to donate.
Beneficiary is Islamic Community in Slovenia. I can also provide you direct email address of Mufti in Slovenia, Nedzad Grabus. We will be also very grateful if you can spread this information to your friends, let email travel around the globe.
If you know people who can donate and they are wiling to help us in this historical project, please connect them with me. Thank you. Let Allah (swt) reward you for your acts and make Ramadan blessed for you as much as possible.
Ahmed Pasic

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