Monday, September 15, 2008

UMNO dying birds have come to roost

"Everybody has a life span and when the time comes, everybody must exit gracefully. Umno is no longer a safe port, having been worn out by abuses, corruption and money politics. It's a case of the birds have come to roost, and what you sow may be what you reap," Navaratnam said in Malaysiakini.

A friend, a local businessman here called to get the latest updates on Malaysia's political situation. He is one of millions others waiting for possibility of September 16 crossover be happening to change the landscape of our nation, for now and future.

He is not a Malaysian but very much part of our circle of friends. He has some investments in KL and loves to be a Malaysian citizen. He has high hopes for new government for business reasons. Like others who follow our political saga, he has enough of our current weak and directionless leadership.

Few days earlier, a colleague whom I had never discussed about any political matters came to me and said, "Mabruk (Congratulations)!!"

I was a wee bit astosnished. He is an Arab.

"For what?"

He smiled and gave a pat, "Anwar Ibrahim!"

Today after iftar (break fast), I had a chance to listen to part of Anwar's speech live from Kelana Jaya. According to Malaysiakini, Anwar Ibrahim told a 25,000-strong rally tonight in Kelana Jaya stadium that he had the numbers to form a new government tomorrow.
"Tonight on the eve of Malaysia Day, we are ready to form the government tomorrow," he said to loud cheers from the jubilant crowd.

Yes, we are ready for a new government!

Abdullah under siege to quit
Wong Choon Mei Sep 15, 08 1:21pm
Embattled Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not expected to last out the year in office after a shock crackdown intended to shore up his political standing boomeranged back.

The spate of ISA arrests gave rivals from within his Umno party further ground to press for his resignation while brightening the chances of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
Experts interviewed by Malaysiakini said they did not discount the possibility that Abdullah could be pressured to step down immediately, but believed it was more likely the 68-year-old career civil servant would push to stay on until party elections in December.
"It appears some people in Umno have made up their minds they are not going to wait, but there is no need for unruly haste. It might be better for the party to wait until December and settle it there and then," said Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of Center for Public Policy Studies.
"Any transition now will disrupt Umno and weaken their defence against Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat," said political analyst Khoo Kay Peng.
"Therefore stepping down for Abdullah and his supporters is not an option. Moreover, Najib is not the clear-cut frontrunner now. There are Tengku Razaleigh (Hamzah) and Muhyiddin (Yassin).



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