Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quotes by Pak Lah - Judge Yourself

5 Sep 2008 The Associated Press (31 occurrences)
"We will see if there is anything concrete to discuss at a suitable time," Abdullah said, but insisted he was getting on with the business of governing.

15 Sep 2008 AFP (21 occurrences)
Reacting to Anwar's statements that he wanted to meet the premier to discuss handover of power, Abdullah told reporters "this is a waste of our time. It is a game of political lies by Anwar Ibrahim and the people are choosing to believe him."

16 Sep 2008 Press Trust of India (17 occurrences)
"A united people is a strong national bulwark against any threat, whether from within or outside the country," Abdullah said.

30 Aug 2008 Hindu (18 occurrences)
"I'm surprised that a member of my Cabinet should come up with that kind of statement," Abdullah was quoted by the Bernama news agency as saying. "It is against what has been agreed to. I am not staying on for the pleasure of staying on."

5 Sep 2008 The Associated Press (31 occurrences)
"I will decide when I want to go...... I will not be staying more than 2010," he told a Press conference on Wednesday.

4 hours ago International Herald Tribune (5 occurrences)
"That is the craziest report I have ever heard," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters. "There is no meeting with Anwar's people."

23 Sep 2008 International Herald Tribune (5 occurrences)
"I see he (Anwar) is a threat to the economy and probably security," Abdullah told a news conference to announce Najib's new portfolio and his own assumption of the defense ministry post, held by his deputy until now.

18 Sep 2008 eTaiwan News (11 occurrences)
"I will not indicate what plan I will take, what I do will be in the best interests of the people and the country," Abdullah said.

17 Sep 2008 AFP (11 occurrences)
"The world ...... is impressed with Malaysia because not many countries with a multiracial population exist with tolerance, peace and harmony," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a speech, which also touched on his government's efforts...

30 Aug 2008 Sin Chew Jit Poh (15 occurrences)
"There are signs of strain in race relations in this country," Abdullah said. "We cannot allow this situation to continue because it could increase tensions and undermine public order. We need to save Malaysia from racial conflicts."

10 Sep 2008 The Canadian Press (10 occurrences)
"Today, as we face a global environment of higher prices and slower economic growth, I am confident, if we remain united, we shall overcome these challenges," he said in tabling the Budget in Parliament yesterday.

29 Aug 2008 Forbes (17 occurrences)
"I would not be staying longer than 2010," Abdullah said. "It will be more flexible, if I want to go earlier I will tell Najib."

17 Sep 2008 Gulf Times (10 occurrences)
Asked if this could include the use of a law allowing imprisonment without trial, Abdullah said such a provision would be invoked only "if absolutely necessary."

3 hours ago Earthtimes (press release) (2 occurrences)
To a question that the 2010 power transition plan between him and Datuk Seri Najib Razak was not fool-proof as it still hinged on the nomination from Umno divisions, Abdullah said: "We are not on the subject. So please don't ask the question."

8 hours ago The Edge Daily (2 occurrences)
Earlier in the meeting, Abdullah said: "I believe that with inflation having peaked and beginning to abate, our focus should now shift to stimulating and accelerating economic growth, by taking into account the deepening financial crisis in US."

14 hours ago Malaysia Star (2 occurrences)
"The letter is not with me. Zaid met me at home; the letter was sent to the office," Abdullah said.
15 Sep 2008 The Edge Daily (6 occurrences)
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters that if Anwar really had the support of government lawmakers who want to defect, "the whole world would have known" by now.
29 Aug 2008 Malaysia Star (9 occurrences)
"Intra-Asean trade has increased in value to 26% while the US market has come down to 80%. The US market is still very big but the Asean market is growing," Abdullah said.

14 hours ago Malaysia Star (2 occurrences)
Pressed further on the timing, Abdullah said, "It could be between now and June 2010."

17 Sep 2008 Sin Chew Jit Poh (5 occurrences)
Asked whether he would continue chairing the next council meeting, Abdullah replied: "Yes. What makes you think I will not chair it?"

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wanrosaini said...

Flip flop is often used to describe Pak Lah but the word is not in the Oxford Advanced dictionary. Is Pak Lah fickled minded or is he more intelectually challenged? Is he shallow or is he more simple minded, kind of unsophisticated?
In November 2006, I remember greeting him at a farewell dinner and book launching for the 12th SPB Agong. The way he walked after the handshake, that particular sway, when he appeared to rush off, was discernibly arrogant. It's like he was saying out aloud.." Oh come on! let's get on with it. I am busy and there are hundreds other things that need my time and attention.." That image stuck with me simply because I thought he was a changed man. The premiership which was handed over to him instead of him earning it was undeserving given his intellectual capacity. How he must be awe-striken everytime he looked into the mirror and said "..Hello Mr Prime Minister, Sir.."That was then, before he dreamt up all those power corridors to prop up his ego and shore up sluggish support.
After March 8 and after Permatang Pauh, Pak Lah has that look that says "..Yea, I may be the emperor with no clothes but I am still the emperor, yea ye yea ye!! Pathetic!!
This is more like an obituary for his numbered days reigning numero uno. His epitaph shall be "..Bless be this man who sleeps then, now and forever.."