Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain- Obama Debate was a damp squib!

When I thought the Anwar-Shabery debate was nothing less than a stunt by the cheeky Information Minister, it is fair to say that the first US presidential debate was a damp squib, as per commented by Gulf News editorial.

There is a great hope to see Obama installed as the new US president. It could be about him to be the first non-white to occupy the most powerful seat in the world. There would be definitely no change in US policy towards Israel, period. Whoever wins, US will still be Israel's proxy to rule the world.

Then again, with the current on again-off again and extended transition plan in UMNO, we have less expectations on our own political changes. There would be a new PM but he is still one of them under the same policies and old mindset, governed by corrupt mind and perut survival. He has tainted image and carry heavy luggage (no, I do not refer to his 'big mama' wife) to be effective as the new leader to lead our nation into greater heights.

Unless he takes the dictatorial and iron fist approach like his mentor, Tun M to combact his opponents within or outside the party. Then we have bigger problems as the opposition supporters who could be crashed into all sorts of persecutions to silence the critics.

Back to the the much anticipated debate between Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama. It eventually took place on Friday night. The on-again, off-again, on-again tussle proved to be way below expectations of the media and possibly many Americans as well.

The hoped-for explosive dialogue, the first in what may be a series before the elections, turned out to be a damp squib. The heated exchanges, mainly on foreign policy, were so few and far between that viewers could be forgiven for thinking they never existed as the temperature of the debate never rose above lukewarm.
Most of what was said by both candidates had already been spelt out over a period of months and reinforced by the many advertisements that have plagued the public. There was nothing new to excite the blood or even - worse - to set either of them apart as suitable material for the next president of the most powerful country in the world.
In this, the most expensive presidential election campaign ever, it would not have been unreasonable to see some flashes of brilliance or perception to tip the balance in their favour. But nothing was forthcoming.
As President George W. Bush wraps up his second term in office, being generally recognised as the most unpopular president ever, it should be a relatively simple matter for the aspirants to high office to demonstrate to the public, and his opponent, exactly how their policy differs from the present incumbent.
Sadly, none of this was forthcoming. Instead, the candidates took the opportunity to take pot-shots at each other, hoping to score points by making themselves look clever and their opponent look silly. It was obvious though that neither candidate has the gravitas to carry it off, leaving viewers, the audience and even the moderator, wanting more.

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