Friday, September 12, 2008

I.S.A. is also INSULTING ISLAM, Prophet and Muslims - Malaysiakini

This is Friday morning in hot and humid Dubai. Ramadan is in mid way and time to spend more on ibadah.

From the news splashed on the TV screens and computer monitors, the now famous all over again, RPK was detained before he was supposed to go for Friday prayer.
Does it mean, the government officials of Hadhari regime have actually barred RPK from performing his Friday prayer because he was allegedly insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad?

Friday prayer is compulsory for every adult and able Muslim. I could be wrong but that seems the action by the authority, which to avoid more insults by RPK in the mosque? But RPK is not a preacher.

In the Malaysiakini report, I quote, several religious groups - Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim), Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (Maiwp) and Federal Territory Religious Department (Jawi) - had lodged police reports against him.
The groups complained his comment in an article entitled "I Promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim" allegedly used sentences that insulted Muslims.

Hey, wait a minute.
Which one is which now, insulting Islam, Prophet Muhammad or Muslims? I read all of RPK's writings and have my own opinion about him. He has even anticipated of his arrest which is not unexpected with the current political situation in Malaysia.

RPK may not be right in his thoughts and opinions but to harshly detain him under this pretext, used sentences that insulted Muslims does insult my Muslim intelligence. I can think, analyse and decide based on my own knowledge, if not, by getting advice from more learned persons.

Please take him into the open court and charge him properly under rule of law. We are now in the borderless world and information travels faster than the light, his abrupt arrest under ISA is not a breaking news that we want to see in all major media around the globe.

Otherwise, those UMNO goons and their mighty but flawed machinery have just again, made RPK a martyr (whatever it means in this context) by default. His Malaysia-Today will break reach a new level in popularity. Hate him or love him, RPK is already a living legend for his thousands avid followers.

This blatantly repressive act, to arrest and detain people without form of process is not even ISLAMIC in the first place. ISA which allows for indefinite detention without trial in any legal definitions really insults every human being in the word, irrespective of race and creed.

Then again, it is a convenient piece of draconian act that is being used to silence dissent in most so-called Islamic countries, even a country that promoting a progressive Islam under the label, HADHARI!


wanrosaini said...

ISA ini sebenarnya lebih untuk kepentingan pembesar negara(tidak wajar untuk menyebut pemimpin atau ketua negara kerana tahap kebijaksanaan yang terlalu rendah). Kerap digunakan sebagai pelindung atau pengukuh untuk terus berkuasa namun kesan kezaliman dan penindasan akibat ISA jarang menjadi penghalang untuk mencegah pejuang kebenaran terus menelanjangi segala pekung pada badan pembesar. Kenapa mesti pembawa pesanan dihukum dan pesanan yang dibawa dihumban? Apa warna kebenaran bila pembesar negara lebih cenderung untuk mengeruhkan kejernihan fakta.
Kita yang cuma baca tentang ISA atau mendengar cerita orang ketiga pasti tidak tahu kesan kurungan ISA kepada minda dan tubuh. Apa yang ditakutkan sangat? Huru hara yang macamana dicetus oleh RPK kecuali pada kegelisahan pembesar yang kelam kabut menyorok kemas segala bangkai didalam gerobok. Didalam kematangan usia 51 tahun, tidak mampukah Malaysia menerima perbezaan pendapat atau menerima pandangan bertentangan dengan arus perdana? Sampai bilakah rakyat akan diperbodoh, dibisu dan dimandulkan kuasa pemikiran untuk menapis antara salah dan benar, baik dan buruk?
Mungkin kebencian, mungkin ketakutan atau mungkin juga kerakusan lebih kuat tarikannya untuk menghalalkan satu lagi collateral damage. Berapa ramai lagi colateral damage yang kita mampu kita jumlahkan?

H S Lee said...

It is really a shame to use ISA to silence someone (RPK) who has done no wrong.It is also very shameful to let wrong doers ;like evidence fabricators,corrupted politicians,etc go Scot-free. Why is the wrong doers rewarded and the righteous punished?

We need to teach the young right values.

akuatik said...

Saya masih menanti artikel daripada cerdik pandai di Jakim, Jawi, Yadim dan sebagainya untuk menyangkal tulisan RPK. Yang saya tau dah tulis artikel pasal ni adalah zaharudin rahman.

tmf said...

I urge my muslim brothers and sisters to speak out in order to safe our country.