Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Famous Bukhatir Brothers

During every Ramadan in the UAE, one Imam is very popular amongst the locals (Emiratis) and expats alike.

Salah Bukhatir has very strong followers. Last 10 days of Ramadan in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, everyone would like to join his tarawih at 'Bukhatir Mosque'. Every inch of the mosque will be filled-up as well as on the streets surrounding the mosque.

Bukhatir is a well-known and wealthy family residing in Sharjah with business all over the region.

While with Yusuf Islam, there was a deal that never materialised. Yusuf kept telling about this guy whose voice and song really touched our hearts. We tried to contact him.

The mission was to get Salah's brother, Ahmad Bukhatir out of the UAE into to the world stage. He is popular but shying from public eyes. He has his own stands and we respect him.

Anyway, he is one of my favourite singers.

Let's hear from our top nasheed singer.

Where Are my children


Last Breath

Ya Akhi

Dear My wife

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