Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zulkifli Noordin is now Umno?

In Malaysiakini, YB LGE said that YB Zulkifli Noordin is no different from Umno for bad attitude.

And Zulkifli Noordin replied that "Do not label him as Umno". He then said, "This matter should never be politicised."

During this mother-of-all-by-elections, there is one over-used politically correct statement, "Do not politicise this and that."

Pak Lah said that do not politicise DNA bill and his sleeping on the job thingies. Anwar said do not politicise that guy sumpah-sumpah. Najib said, do not politicise his alleged khalwat case in Port Dickson and submarine purchase scandal or Altantuya. Khairy said, do not politicise his ECM-Libra scandal etc.

When politicians say do not politicise this and that, what is left for politicians to say and do?

In reality, politics is everything in Malaysia. Not only in political arena but in other supposedly non-political fields. That's why we are still lagging behind in, for examples, sports and university world ranking.

Guan Eng: PKR's Zulkifli no different from Umno
Rahmah Ghazali Aug 21, 08 5:11pm
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today slammed his fellow Pakatan Rakyat MP Zulkifli Noordin for bad attitude, putting the latter in the same boat as arch-rival Umno.
"It is very disappointing for him, coming from a multiracial party like PKR to speak at this level," Lim told reporters at the Parliament lobby. "Sometimes we see these remarks are no different from Umno."
Zulkifli, in the doghouse for taking part in a rowdy protest against a recent Bar Council forum to discuss legal issues related to the conversion to Islam, got into more trouble with his opposition colleagues yesterday.
During a parliamentary session, the PKR MP for Kulim had accused Chong Eng (DAP-Bukit Mertajam) of being a 'racist', claiming that she had tried to portray the Muslims who protested the Bar Council event as aggressive and irrational.Lim, who is also Penang chief minister, said Zulkifli should be aware that he represented PKR, a multiracial party unlike Umno which accepted only Malay and bumiputera members.
Lim reiterated that Chong was not a racist, otherwise she would not have received so much support from her Malay constituents during the March general election.
Nevertheless he added the DAP would not seek a reprimand from the House. Stressing Pakatan unity, Lim said his party would leave the matter with the PKR leadership.
"There is no point (bringing this up in the House) because I think PKR has taken their stand, and their stand is similar to ours. So there's no point for us to bring it up. Let PKR handle this matter," he said.

'Don't label me as Umno'
Meanwhile, an unrepentant Zulkifli defended his action.
"Any Muslim would defend their religion, regardless from which party they are from. It is not fair for me to be labeled as Umno for defending my own religion," Zulkifli said when met by reporters later on.
"This matter should never be politicised."
The Kulim MP however said his agument with Chong would not affect their relationship in the Pakatan.
"DAP is a mature party. I do not see any fracture that will affect our relationship...but if Lim wants to sit down and talk about this matter with me, I would welcome it," he added.
He also said he protested the Bar Council forum as a member of Lawyers in Defence of Islam (Pembela) and not as a PKR MP. Therefore, the show-cause letter PKR had said wanted to serve on him was not an issue, he added."Anwar called me last night, and he also has accepted my explanation that I was there not as a PKR MP, but as a lawyer," Zulkifli said.


Hamzah said...

dear zulkifli - please resign dan bertanding as umno or independant - let the rakyat decides!

to Ketuanan Rakyat!

rascal r us said...

Dear Hamzah,

You should be ashamed of yourself! When this fellow zul defended his religion without thinking of his own personal , you should follow him and not be aginst him. How could you let kafirs in the Bar Council argue on Allah's Law that has been etched in the Quran be debated?
We can debate man made law but let us not debate the Devine law set by Allah. Again I say shame on you Hamzah...tsk..tsk


dato said...

Sometimes people forget why they were chosen, and start to become arrogant...and it's not just about DAP, if we were to look at recent history.
DAP Lim comment about malays' support for Chong is an indication of's not that he's good, but because BN is becoming unworthy and people wanted change, and willing to give PR, as a whole, a chance although the trust is not there yet.
I think Lim's comment is as stupid as Bar Council decision to held the open for all forum.
But clearly, lately, there has been some tensions due to unresolved issues regarding religions, muslims and non-muslims....and the muslims majority at times feel under siege by the actions of non-muslims, and even some liberal muslims. Flare ups will occur when people feel their rights and beliefs are threatened, and the bigger group naturally will make the biggest noise. These threats among groups must be drastically lessened, if not eliminated, may be via national policies.
Hopefully PR has the wisdom to tackle these inter-faith unresolved issues once they are in power, insyaallah.