Monday, August 18, 2008

Zulkifli Noordin breaking his silence in Malaysiakini

The elusive MP is back into the limelight. Read the news from Malaysiakini

Zulkifli defends his action at Bar forum
Aug 18, 08 6:25pm
"I am Muslim first then a lawyer; I am Muslim first then an MP," asserted PKR Kulim Bandar Baru parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin today, breaking his silence for the first time after heading the commotion which disrupted of Bar Council's ‘Conversion to Islam' forum on Aug 9.

Zulkifli also insisted that he was at the scene as the representative of Lawyers in Defence of Islam (Peguam Pembela Islam) and not as a PKR member.

"In fact I purposely attended the assembly because we are against the attitude of the Bar Council for going on with the forum despite objections by various parties of the government and non-governmental organisations."

"You cannot look at the forum in isolation and say that they are having a forum talking about some rights because you look at the background of the Bar Council... they have been very consistent with their anti-Islam stand," said Zulkifli.

When asked whether or not he had barged into the building to halt the discussion, Zulkifli said the media had distorted the situation.

"You have a misleading fact. There was no question of us stopping the forum. They have already discussed with the police to stop it... it's not because of us."

"We were just there to put forward our views... you mean the Muslim cannot stand up and protect their rights," he exasperated.

Around 300 protesters, led by Zulkifli, gathered at the Bar Council headquarters in that day to coerce the lawyers to wrap up the forum claiming that the open dialogue touched on sensitive religious issues.The Bar then brought the forum session which began at 9am to an end at 10am in order to calm the crowd and to diffuse the situation.

Zulkifli who was believed to be evading public attention since the day of forum said he was away on his personal matters and declined to explain further of his disappearance.

Read Letter to Utusan & Berita by two Muslim lawyers who are againts Zulkifli's actions HERE

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Always refreshing to listen to the source without MSM distorting facts!