Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Utusan Retracts Karpal is anti-Islam...(Malaysiakini)

What I would say to this UMNO's mouthpiece? PADAN MUKA. The paper has been deliberately publishing rubbish reports based on UMNO's agenda. It is no more a paper for the masses. The paper is also focusing more on entertainment and sensation news.

Then again, that's our Melayu newspaper standard anyway.

Utusan says sorry to Karpal
Aug 26, 08 12:13pm
Leading Malay daily Utusan Malaysia has apologised to opposition leader Karpal Singh for publishing an article which portrayed the DAP national chairperson as anti-Islam.

In a small box titled 'Ralat' (correction) on its front-page, the Umno-linked newspaper said: "The report on page two Utusan Malaysia yesterday 'DAP diingat jangan bakar perasaan Melayu' (which stated) that DAP chairperson Karpal Singh rejects Islam as the official religion of the country is wrong."

"Utusan Malaysia withdraws (the statement) and apologises for the mistake," it added.Yesterday, the veteran politician issued the daily with an ultimatum of either publicly apologising to him on its front-page or face legal action."Legal proceedings will definitely be initiated against the paper if it refuses to retract its misleading story on me and offer a public apology," he added.

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