Friday, August 08, 2008


I met Amir Muhamad few weeks ago and he did mention about this film, 'Susuk'. I do not really enjoy watching Malay films (except certain P.Ramlee's and Adlin's). Managed to watch briefly some TV dramas while on vacation and hate them all.

However, with this Amir's production, hopefully it is a new fresh hope in Malay films.

While up in the air yesterday, I managed to watch three entertaining movies, notably, 'Asterix at the Olympic Games', 'Son of Rainbow' and a japanese film, 'Fish'.

Zidane is featured in the Asterix film and he is cool!

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Aristotle said...

Salam Fudzail,

I agree wholeheartedly with your view about the quality of the malay dramas shown on TV. They were quickly put together to fill in quotas for local productions. The storyline of all these dramas primarily revolve around human emotions with little emphasis on knowledge/education/iktibar(lessons learnt). The pace of the dramas are sooo slooow that I feel guilty feeling that I am wasting my time watching. I would rather spend time with a good book really.