Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Peluang Kerja di Riyadh

Sebuah syarikat besar dari UAE mempelawa profesional Muslim dari Malaysia untuk menyertai projek hartanah besar di Riyadh (bernilai USD12 billion).

The 1,411-hectare project, which was announced last October, will create 55,000 homes for 200,000 people as well as will have 50 mosques and eight shopping complexes.

There will be offices, several hotels, one university, health and educational facilities, and 300 hectares of green, open space.

Kerja yang sedang menanti ialah

- Development Manager

- Project Manager

- Construction Manager

- Commercial Manager

- QS

- Other subordinates

Hantarkan CV lengkap dalam bahasa Inggeris terbaik anda ke

"Khairul Affendi" <>,

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Huzaifah Magbool said...

Salam Tuan,

Im really intrested in securing jobs in middle east. I was there last year for my Hajj.

I am a mechanical engineer currently working in an utility company in Malaysia. Is there any openings for Mechanical Engineer?

lifeinside said...

is there any work opening for a doctor?

i will graduate next year and looking forward to work there :D

Nurdalila said...

im really interested to work in middle a QS,now work with consultant QS.but,im just have an experienced less than 2 there have a chance for me to work there?can you give your opinion based on your experience?