Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Love My country but hate the leaders

I love Malaysia and am happy to be home for a month. It is great to meet relatives and friends, unfortunately this is my last day of this year's annual vacation.

And historically, the first day of another sham trial that repeats the whole saga of political survival. It could be the real end of UMNO and those scumbags who are into the final phase of self-destruction mode.

We have idiots to run our nation and thanks to Mahathir's 22 years of rule that is now followed by years of living dangerously. After the recent election surprise outcome that rocked the nation, we are still in uncertainty without clear directions from below average leadership. No clear strategy for both immediate and long term effective as well as better solutions to our current predicament.

Since a year ago, there is no end of political battles on both sides of the divide. Rakyat is suffering and we are heading for a doom. I heard real stories on the impact of drastic hike on fuel price that affected ordinary rakyat.

I love Malaysia forever but I really hate the current leaders who have only themselves or their families/cronies to worry about.

I am worry about the future generation and do not give a damn about these leaders anymore. They are scumbags who are desereved to be given a boot, if not put them on trial for mismanagement since being idiots cannot be prosecuted in the court of law.

But I have only hope and prayers. We salute and hail to those heroes who are trying to change for the better Malaysia!

(Final call for flight SQ103 to Singapore)


ina said...

I totally agree with you. Earlier, I read that one blogger (penarik beca) was arrested by the police. What's happening to our beloved country? It's becoming more and more like a police state everyday. Isn't there such a thing as freedom of speech in Malaysia?

Pendekar said...

Mr Fudzail....I have the sme feeling !