Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Action will be taken against YB Zulkifli Noordin - Malaysiakini

While Tan Sri Khalil has a fair share of bad publicity, the elusive YB Zulkifli Noordin saga continues. Now the PKR de-facto leader himself has issued a strong statement.

It will be interesting to see what kind of actions will be taken by PKR after show-cause letter and what will be YB Zulkifli's next actions. Interesting if he chooses not to respond at all.

The outcome of UMNO's election petition for Kulim Bandar Baharu is still pending. If there is another by-election, this could seal YB Zulkifli's fate in political arena.

If both previous candidates were fielded again, this by-election would be interesting, but not to the level of Permatang Pauh. Both of them now have similar track record of storming buildings and forums.

It seems though, if there is another by-election in P18, both will not be nominated. Wanna bet?

Read the Malaysiakini report here:

By Steven Gan and K Kabilan Aug 13, 08 6:16pm
PKR parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin, who called on a crowd of angry Muslims to storm the Bar Council building last Saturday, will be asked to show cause, said Anwar Ibrahim.
However the party de facto leader will have to first find the elusive politician.
Zulkifli, who is Kulim-Bandar Baharu parliamentarian, has gone missing since Saturday's protest and calls made to his mobile telephone have gone unanswered. At the same time, the police denied that the parliamentarian had been detained by them.
Anwar revealed today that he too was unable to reach Zulkifli.
"I have been asked to speak to him, to give him notice... To be fair, since we are unable to contact him directly, we will have to wait until we can do so," Anwar told Malaysiakini after meeting with top fund managers at a Kuala Lumpur hotel.
Zulkifli was one of the key personalities leading the 300-strong crowd at the Bar Council headquarters to protest against the lawyers group's controversial ‘Conversion to Islam' forum.
The parliamentarian, a trained lawyer, said that he was representing the Muslim Organisations in Defence of Islam (Pembela), in which he is a member.
Zulkifli had
openly back Umno-linked NGOs, which were also at the protest, in wanting to storm the Bar Council building.However, the police advised forum organisers to abort the event soon after.

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penyokong PR said...

zulkifli is another Ezam in the making.
he could cause the downfall of DSAI at permatang pauh if DSAI
is not careful with him.
loyalty can be bought and it will come
as no surprise if he joins UMNO

rascal r us said...

Dear Kawan-kawan,
There are many benefits for UMNO if Zul turns around to join UMNO as this will enhance the quality of UMNO leadership. Lets face it, like it or not, UMNO is in power and likely to be in power for sometime to come. Wouldn't it be a positive development if Zul (hypothetically of course.....) did revert back to UMNO The majority of us in UMNO have no qualms on the principles of his struggle and we still think that he is one of us. And we do need the premium leadership that he displays. This will be an interesting development as we become a developed nation , where we will have quality leaderships on both party like any other in the developed world. There will NOT be winner takes all, losers loose everything situation . All Malaysians WILL be the winner when we have quality leaders on both sides of the isles What say you?..........

Let me just also add that DSAI has now completed his "Selling off" of both Malays and its Islamic Institution/cloak that he has been pretending to wear. At no time did Zul ask people to storm the building. However he has emphasised that Allah words and rules shall not be debated by muslims or non-muslim. There are specific rules how to treat apostasy cases. Let us deal in our courts and not others intervene in these matter. Such blatant insensitivities by th Kafir Harbis shall and will not be tolerated.

Zul has made a stance beyond party line and is true to his principles unlike his so called "boss" aka DSAI who is so "wishy-washy" on these matter as he is sucking up to the kafirs who he believes will make him prime minister cum Sept 16.

my 2 sen'

Dr Firdaus

mesh said...

To Rascal r u aka Dr Firdaus,

Why you guys malay muslim so racial cum idiots?you talking big about Islam but is the islam ur practiseing come from ur race?its come from some where around arab and u have nothing to do with arab race.dont forget ur home town in indonesia you rascal!

Suhaimi said...

Dr Firdaus,

I hope they didnt educate you to become racist or fanatics while in uni..otherwise you must have been born a racist/fanatics from UMNO..or you could be fake Dr..

I believe Anwar's message to the forum organiser was loud and clear..don't do it openly and engage affected parties i.e. muslims

I think it is a fair request in the spirit of democracy given the sensistive nature of the issue..

Maybe zimbabwe will suit you better Dr Firdaus (puke!!)

Not a Doctor