Monday, July 28, 2008

When PAS leaders LIED (Reports From Malaysiakini)

I am not a member of any political parties but a keen observer on the on-goings in political arena. I have limited knowledge about politics as well as do not have much trust on almost all politicians, especially if there are from UMNO and its allies.

In my previous entry, I did say that I was confused and disillusioned about UMNO-PAS muzakarah.

Well, it is not only me but some PAS leaders as well are upset. Some greedy or too-ambitious leaders have their own agendas and again as political animals, they will go for their own desires (like being offered deputy PM or ministers) rather than think for those who had voted them as their MPs at the first place.

PAS leaders, ulamaks or not, are not maksum. They make mistakes, have their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and some of the predecessors had misjudged on UMNO's previous pact offers, based on ketuanan or unity. UMNO leaders's real motive is only for their own survival and PAS leaders will be again conned by the beautiful word of ketuanan or unity.

There are bigger agendas for a better Malaysia, one important step is to get rid of UMNOputeras who have sodomized the country under the ketuanan Melayu!

Muzakarahs or now muqabalahs with pre-set mind on getting ministerial posts are for disasters. If PAS really going for a pact with UMNO, then the real winner will be the UMNOputeras who will have more time and avenues to rape/sodomize our country dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Read these two reports from Malaysiakini.

Saari: Some PAS leaders keen on pact with Umno
Syed Jaymal Zahiid Jul 28, 08 5:52pm
There are some PAS leaders who are seriously considering the possibility of a political alliance between the Islamic opposition party and its arch rival Umno.

This revelation comes from PAS Selangor information chief Saari Sungib amid denials from the party’s top leadership that no such cooperation will take place.
Speaking to malaysiakini today, Saari said PAS deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa and the party’s commissioner for Terengganu Mustapha Ali are solidly behind the idea.
"They believe that if PAS leaders can hold some key ministerial posts in the Umno-led federal government, it will be possible to initiate changes from within," he added.
This could deliver another blow to Pakatan Rakyat whose intra-party ties have been strained since the secret PAS-Umno talks were exposed by former Selangor menteri besar Dr Khir Mohd Toyo and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Pakatan Rakyat is the opposition alliance comprising PKR, PAS and DAP. It's stalwart Anwar Ibrahim has also publicly stated that they could make up the numbers with the help of defectors from Barisan Nasional to take over the government.
Last week, Abdullah and Khir confirmed that Umno secretly made an offer to PAS to jointly rule Selangor just a few days after the March 8 polls. The post of MB was offered to Selangor PAS chief Hasan Ali.
However, PAS had rejected the proposal as they had already backed PKR treasurer general Khalid Ibrahim for the post.
Meanwhile, Saari said that it was Nasaruddin who instructed Hasan to meet with the Umno leaders.
"The meeting between them was given the green light by the central party leadership. It was Nasaruddin who instructed Hasan to meet with Umno leaders," he added.
PAS grassroots see red
Saari also pointed out that the PAS grassroots were unhappy with the current meeting between the party and its political adversary.
"Anwar (Ibrahim) had tried to do the same thing (initiate changes) when he joined Umno but he failed. PAS also did the same thing when it joined Barisan Nasional in the past and failed to initiate any changes.
"A lot of people are already injured by this meeting proposal and the grassroots are saying enough is enough," he added.
Saari said a battle of political strategies is taking place, with Umno "trying to sever the Pakatan bond" while PAS is trying to "infiltrate Umno and make changes from within."
In view of this, the PAS leader said he has urged PAS Selangor to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue.
"I have urged PAS Selangor deputy commissioner and central committee member Abdul Khalid Samad to hold an emergency meeting so that we can direct our input into solving this matter," he added.

Will DAP back PAS?
As for the relationship between Pakatan parties, Saari claimed that the alliance is not perturbed by the current development despite what is being reported in the mainstream media.

"I spoke to (DAP leader and Selangor exco) Ronnie (Liu) and he told me that the alliance will not be torn apart by the PAS-Umno meetings and he understood why (they took place) and is willing to defend PAS on this issue," he said.

DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh, however, has openly questioned PAS’ loyalty to Pakatan.

Calling it an "act of bad faith", Karpal said DAP and PKR were not informed about the top-level talks.

"The assurance by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to Pakatan Rakyat partners that PAS will not abandon the alliance to join BN is not bona fide and not supported by past events," he was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

Mahfuz: Sorry for the lie over PAS-Umno meetings
Syed Jaymal Zahiid Jul 28, 08 6:59pm
PAS information chief Mahfuz Omar today apologised for not telling the truth about the party's meeting with Umno and claimed he received directives from certain top leaders to do so.
Mahfuz, in his capacity as the party's information chief, had in the past officially denied that PAS had met with Umno to discuss the possibility of jointly ruling Selangor.

However, subsequently Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi revealed that there had been three meetings between the parties, beginning right after the March 8 general election. PAS leaders since then had confirmed the meetings.

"I write this open letter to sincerely apologise to all PAS members and supporters denying that the party had met with Umno. Again I apologise for my misdemeanour," said Mahfuz in a two-page statement issued today.

He stressed that the denial was not made on his personal capacity but was done in his capacity as the party's information chief and based on the instruction given to him by the party leadership.

He added that the blame must not be placed on the shoulders of the party leadership as a whole but on a "few individuals that failed to give the real picture to party leaders".

"Their decision to keep certain issues pertaining to the PAS-Umno meeting in the dark had prompted the party leaders to take the position of perceiving that no meetings between the both parties had taken place," he said.

"Because of these individuals, who had in the name of PAS and without the knowledge of the party central working committee, did not provide detailed information on the matter, the party leadership had instructed me to issue the denial," he added.

Refusing to name anyone

Mahfuz, also the Pokok Sena MP, wants the "few individuals" to come forward and explain to party members and supporters the details of what had transpired in the meetings.

"They must claim responsibility because this had happened due to their indiscretion. I myself was surprised when they (Umno leaders) and PAS president (Hadi Awang) had confirmed that meetings did take place, which was contrary to what I had stated initially," said Mahfuz further.

When contacted, Mahfuz refused to name the responsible persons, saying that it was enough that an open apology has been issued and that the matter will one day "unravel itself".

Immediately after his denial of the meetings, Mahfuz had then received numerous criticism from PAS members, supporters and fellow Pakatan Rakyat members.

"I realised that history will not repeat itself but humans do make mistakes. I urge other PAS leaders to be honest to our members and supporters and to also focus on strengthening our political ties with our fellow Pakatan members," he said.

Mahfuz said he was also ready to face any criticism or punishment by party members following his "accidental mistake".


rascal r us said...

First of all I would like to congratulate the PAS members who have dared to look beyond partyline to seek for the truth and unity amongst muslims. Afterall they are not in a position of weakness but of strength.

The propogation of unity is a must to all muslims and this will make us stronger as challenges of globalism will be more crucial in the near future.

Tok guru Nik Aziz himself have initiated the idea of unity with UMNO as I believe he is very uncomfortable to be a strange bedfellows with the KAFIR HARBI's such as Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh who has now and in the past openly declaring themselves as the enemy of Islam.
No doubt UMNO is not all good, it is ridden with some opportunistic fungus which ready to suck at any given opportunity. However not all is bad in UMNO either as the majority are really genuine people who strive to make the malays world class muslims.

I also regret that Malaysiakini has become the standard bearer of the so called "Truth" as it is a really dangerous organisation supported by Christian denominations throughout the world. My view is supported by the way it provoked muslims by its editorial support for Lina Joy conversion to Christianity. Just be careful who is pulling the wool onto our eyes.

So to say that PAS leaders lied to us is a bit of our sour grapes. Any unity amongst muslims should be encouraged. I am very proud of YB Zul for his article on malay unity:

as he has gone beyond party line to support the talks and his making way for DSAI (although in my opinion it is a great loss)

My 2 Sen


slyderrose said...

My two cents. Congratulation to Mahfuz for asking forgiveness. This is true leader who dare to admit mistake and apologised openly. As muslim and ulamak PAS leaders (a few of them) should be trustworthy,honest and amanah. Met umno leaders secretly reflect the opposite of true muslim. If they honest to champion Islam, why they did not invite Nik aziz and Anwar Ibrahim as well? Why?. Some kind of hidden agenda?. Macam mana pemimpin bukan Islam nak hormati pemimpin Islam.? Kejujuran tidak ada. Cepat mengalabah? For what? Mudah tewas dengan laba dunia dan pangkat.

2nd admin said...

may I have your email address? Wish to know if you can blog for us? - Michael (

yatikhwan said...


dont be naive. be it they are muslim or not, they are still human. they lie and they betray.

kafir or islam, does not matter in politics. doesnt Islam recognise the rights of every human in this world, and we must incur justice upon them? the leaders in UMNO has violated many right of all kinds of people, muslims and non muslim. doesnt that make them our enemy? doesnt that make them muslimin enemy?

UMNO has diverted from the true path a long time a go. just so happens that, other people would like tosavour this opportunity for truth and justice to prosper, so do not spoil it. pas has the opportunity to make the right chgs by working with people of different faith, ultimately smthg that is in line with ISlam.

work on this, PAS is on the right path, other people should be joining pas, not pas who should be squirming around looking for a partner.

penyokong PR said...

christian and muslim
are brothers.
all are descedant of Abraham.
human are descedant of adam and eve.(Adam dan Mawa}
we should be hugging each other.

Zafar Rozaly said...

Do we learn anything from History (GE 1969, Anwar in UMNO, ex-PAS stalwarts in UMNO)? This is smack of UMNO trying to survive in desperation and once they have regained strength, the whole thing will go splat. We do not want this to happen again.

PAS has acted against their better judgment. We are heading toward a 2-party system and this can only benefit the RAKYAT further - can somebody please realise this? I repeat, the two-party system can only benefit the RAKYAT.

This has got nothing to do with some facetious, fascist unity of any particular race. If both parties sincerely want Muslim unity, please, please do it outside of the dynamics of politics.

Please set up some multi-party coalition on the improvement of education to Muslim youths. Please also include Muslims from other races as well. Chinese, Indian, Kadazan-Dusun and Iban. Some fucking coalitions lah; please come up with some other things and stop sodomising voters who have putyou in power. I am sick and tired of all these. Racial politics do not work anymore in a globalised, cyber world. I don't want some f***ing Arab or Chinese or Causasian starting talks about Arab or Indian or f***ing Mat Salleh unity and the same goes for Malay Unity. There are other avenues we all can explore. I am not sure if all this race-based unity talks are even PC.

What I want is good governance and all the government institution in place. Get the judiciary and the law enforcement in order. Why is the emphasis only on the executive you f***ing power-hungry people!!!!!!!!

Pleaselah people. If you want to do it, do it properly. And RAKYAT MALAYSIA, the two-party system, in a well-governed democracy, can only benefit you in the long run.

rahamah said...

Berbohong kerana Party - Tak takut akan hukum Allah ke?

Juga tidak belajar dari sirah/sejarah. Bagaimana DSAI cuba membentuk UMNO dari dalam dan akhirnya kecundang juga. Jika agenda peribadi jadi impian jangan berjuang dengan nama Allah.

Kulindod said...

My 2 cents, your comments are distubing and uncalled for.As a Malaysian non muslim bumi i deeply concern if More Muslim, Malay like you what would be Malaysia a like.

Please git rid of racisit mentality out of your brain and for you Hon. Mahfuz, you are gentleman by admiting the mistakes.

Joyah said...

Please stop all these! I'm agree with rahmah! Back to our goal and party rule!