Thursday, July 17, 2008


(Someone forwarded this to me)

This trumped up sodomy charges against political opponent is nothing new. These trumped up charges are usually used by tyrant leaders to remain in power. They however, have striking similarities.

Hitler had used the same trump up charges against his political opponent for fear of the other person's power would exceed his power. But today, I am not going to relate about Hitler's history and the trumped up sodomy charges against his political opponent. You can find it in the net.

What I am going to relate below is about Robert Mugabe. Yes, Mahathir Mohamad's good friend. Mahathir might have learnt from his good friend on how to frame up a political opponent.

Canaan Banana was the first president of Zimbabwe in 1980. However the President’s post of Zimbabwe at that time was merely ceremonial. In 1987, this post was taken by Mugabe which in turn made the post as Executive President. Banana than became a Diplomat for Organization of African Unity and head of Religious Department at the University of Zimbabwe.

In 1997, Mugabe had him arrested on trump up charges for sodomy. Banana denies all charges against him saying that homosexuality is "defiant, abominable and wrong". , and the charges against him was "a mortuary of pathological lies" to destroy his political career. He fled to South Africa while on bail. He believes that Mugabe is plotting to assassinate him. In 1998 he return to Zimbabwe after Nelson Mandela convinced him to face the law. He was sentenced to a 10 year prison term.

That same year, 1998, Mahathir Mohamed made similar trump up sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim with all the apparatus in his power. Anwar did not manage to escape to another country as his arrest was swift. He was beaten up to near death while in prison by none others than the Head of Police himself (but on whose instruction?).

In March this year, 2008, during the one month long election counting of votes in Zimbabwe. All indication shows that Mugabe will loose the election to Morgan Tsvangirai. There were rumors in the international media that Mugabe would fled to Malaysia. Mahathir openly declared that the Malaysian Government should accept his mentor and good friend if he ever fled from Zimbabwe.

The question is. . . did Mahathir learnt from Mugabe on how to fix a political opponent with trump up sodomy charges? If it is true that there is another conspiracy surrounding the latest Anwar Ibrahim saga, than, this conspirator(s) might have learnt from Mugabe and Mahathir.

For sure, these two leaders as we know, are cruel and tyrant. That means too, this other person/conspirator who invented this new charges against Anwar will also be as cruel and tyrant as Mugabe and Mahathir! Did he in turn learnt from Mahathir and Mugabe???

Talking about who's idea it was created? Consider the time of happening. Both occurence happened almost about the same time.

For both incidences happened in 1997 (Zimbabwe) and in1998 (Malaysia). Therefore Mahathir got the idea from his good friend - Mugabe - that goes without saying. This supposed-to-be-called 'great'thir (Maha + thir) always picked-up from other people's ideas in every bits and pieces that were gathered during his frequent oversea-business trips off and on during his tenure as PM then.

"Maha" or great at copying people's ideas for own benefit. Both Mahathir and Mugabe seems to be good friends since then.

While their supporters may say "Great men think alike".
And great men rule alike too. For they are all 'great men' and "honourable men" indeed in terms of misdeeds.


Antares said...

Najib has good buddies at the General Hospital willing to do just about anything to please him. Enough said!

Tanpa Kepala said...

Dear sir, couldn't agree with you more. I willingly accept if people should say Mahathir was a great leader, but he was great at being evil!

Francis said...

Raja Petra to meet his old "friend" Bakri Zinin 7 years down the line. Read as to how they related by then.

Razali Maskam said...

Polis malaysia dah tak ada kerja kot...nak senang kerja jadi penangkap kes liwat senang kerja..tak ada resiko kena tembak...maluu..malau nasib tak jadi polis...perompak malaysia kan banyak....susah nak tangkap...!!