Saturday, July 12, 2008

No Sign of Economic Crisis In Mid-Valley Mega Mall

Massive renovations to Ezam's already massive house in Shah Alam,
started since he joined Umno: From Malaysia-Today.

I was at Mid-Valley Mega Mall to visit the Property Show For Bumiputera at its exhibition centre. I spent few hours browsing those properties on offer even though it is a dream to have a massive house like the above photo.
I am neither a businessman nor a politician (who is jobless as well) who can afford a massive house worth millions. Most Malaysians work very very hard to earn their RM while umnoputeras keep stealing and robbing their wealth under bumiputera allocations.
However, the big crowd at the Mid-Valley defied certain people's prediction on the pending economic crisis after the recent petrol hike. Most restaurants, hypermarkets, outlets, foodcourt were full and there were long queues to purchase movie tickets at Cineplex floor.
Of course, Arab tourists were also flocking the mall and they seemed enjoying their vacation here even the exchange rate (Dirham or Riyal to RM) is not to their favour.
From my brief window shopping, it is still cheaper to shop in Dubai any time except for the fast food. Surprisingly, my nasi padang at the food court costed about the same in a Dubai restaurant.
It was traffic jam around Mid-Valley and after an hour waiting for the bus that never came, I decided to take a cab home. And the fare was also not as cheap as before.
Mid-Valley Mega Mall may not be the real indication on the current situation but it does give me an impression on our feel-good factor in an urban area.


H S Lee said...

No wonder Ezam is so determined to join UMNO.
He is now filthy rich.

In developed country, rich people said I have enough money and it is time to take up politics so that I will bring my country to greater heights.

In Malaysia, poor and greedy people said , I need more money which means I have to take up politics because it is the sure way to be rich and then richer.

No wonder per capital income in Malaysia is about one sixth of Singapore.

Reformation badly needed to save Malaysia.

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

haha.aku baru jer nak pegi midvalley main bowling ngan budak opis...leceh sbnrnya midvalley nii...parking sikit...mahal lak tuh skang ni..hampeh

faez said...

Brother Fudzail,
I have no malice against you whatsoever.
But it would be nice if you could stick to writing in malay as your English is definitely not to, ummm...a certain standard.
Please, I repeat, I have nothing against you...

lan said...

ok je english bro