Sunday, July 06, 2008

Job satisfaction low as people 'want out now' of the UAE

Emirates Business readers appear to be dissatisfied in their jobs, with 59 per cent saying that they would like to leave in the next two years, according to a recent online survey.
Nearly 38 per cent of poll respondents said they want to leave their current jobs "now" while about 31 per cent plan to stay for up to two years. Another 21 per cent said they might stick around for more than a couple of years and only 10 per cent said they are "a lifer" and are committed to keeping their jobs for as long as possible.
The finding appears to back up a study by and YouGov Siraj in March, which showed that the "UAE supported the lowest agreement levels on motivation, commitment to the organisation and work-life balance".
While inflation, high cost of living and the weakened exchange rate have affected the UAE residents' net disposable income, strangely enough, personal finance is not deemed as the reason for the above-normal job turnover rates in the country.
The and YouGov Siraj survey said most employees do not consider salary as the main factor for staying in their jobs.
"Keeping the lines of communication open and promoting a culture of mutual respect and loyalty could be the glue that reduces turnover and helps keep the workforce in place," the study said.
It added that employment satisfaction and loyalty also have a lot to do with how the staff perceive the management, team work and working environment, as well as the availability of training, recognition and performance measurement that keep them professionally motivated in their jobs.
The news comes at a crucial time in UAE's history when a large pool of qualified personnel is needed to maintain the boom in the non-oil sector.
Emirates Business earlier reported that an estimated 100,000 additional workers are needed annually for the next 20 years to sustain the country's economic development. According to a survey by, UAE basic pay jumped by 10.7 per cent over a one-year period to August 2007, but companies continue to experience a shortage of talent and difficulty in retaining staff.
Poll results
Last week, we asked Emirates Business readers 'How long do you plan to stay in your current job'?
Here are the results:
38%: I want out now.
31%: Up to two years.
21%: More than two years.
10%: I'm a lifer.

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