Thursday, July 10, 2008

The day I became a Dato'

I have to admit that it is hard to adapt to Malaysian approach on customer service. Been trying unsuccessully to book some resorts for a weekend retreat with family and friends. I used to get free hotel rooms or rental vehicles based on returning favour by some friends who I had assisted during their business trips to Dubai.
This year like last year, as I would like to be on my own even though been struggling to do so. Most resorts are already fully booked. It was my mistake not to arrange any reservations while still in Dubai.
Their responses were a bit cold and unfriendly to say the least. I was so frustrated not to get any replies or some times nobody bothered to answer my desperate calls.
Learning the right way to get immediate response, I left messages and signed off as , "Dato' Mohamed".
Incredibly, I received immediate replies with warm voices. They would promise to assist this Dato' and keep me updated.
Well, I am already a datuk by having ten or so grandchildren through nieces and nephews. Therefore it is not really a con-job. Except it is half-truth as most politicians and main stream media always do, by baking half truths and spinning the other lies.
Then again, "Hello Dato'!" keeps ringing in my ears and I am still enjoying my Dato'ship while it lasts!

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Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

hahahaha ni Hishamuddin Rais punya style ni.