Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar's Nude Videos in Youtube Soon!

You can never trust PDRM....

Malaysiakini reprts:-
'I was stripped naked, my private parts examined'
Jul 17, 08 2:55pm

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he was stripped naked and his private parts examined during the physical examination yesterday at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

“When I was brought to the hospital, I was stripped naked for tests and had my private parts examined,” he told a packed press conference at his house hours after he was freed on police bail. “They also measured the necessary parts,” he quipped.
Anwar added that he refused to have his photographs taken “as they could end up on YouTube”.

According to the PKR de facto leader, he also refused his blood to be taken during the medical examination.Anwar, a former deputy premier who seeking to mount a political comeback after being sacked and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges a decade ago, was arrested by balaclava-clad police commandos in dramatic scenes yesterday.

He was taken to police headquarters and underwent a marathon six-hour questioning session before being escorted to the hospital for a medical examination.

The arrest was over allegations that he had sodomised 23-year-old former aide Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan.


nurrul said...

this old man really know how to play a trick and goes bullshit all the time...

spike_thru said...

The whole set-up wreaks of... phew!...SCAM.

Why don't the police arrest that saifool, who claimed to have been sodomised 8, repeat 8 times? If he was not a willing party, (ie if indeed he's really being sodomised) he couldn't have taken even two(2) when he would've gone straight to the police.

See the discepancy?? And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

muslimah_262 said...

Dear blogger, I support no one, but let me tell you who the perpetual liar really is , and brags his lies around the globe.

1. He claims "Turkish Embassy invites him into the Embassy to seek refuge".
Fact: he LIED. The Tirkish Embassy issued a clear statement that they NEVER invited him. HE invited himself in,and the Embassy obliged.

2. He claims that his back injury "was due" to the assault in prison.
Fact: he LIED. It was a chronic spinal condition, not injury related.

3. He spoke in his overseas speech: that his "prison cell" was "6ft by 10ft" and small.
Fact: he LIED. It was a big room, accomodating only him,(no sharing with other prisoners, with special bed,nice thick mattress, bookshelves, table,etc. No ordinary prosoner was offered that ***star-rated accomodation in Sg.Buloh.
AND a team of medical/orthopedic consultants and paramedical personnel of high standing, who take their time off from their absurdly busy schedule, and who do periodic "house calls" just for him, and at the Government's expense. Never mind the time spent on him ( a prisoner) rather than deserving grateful patients in the institutions they serve. (Di he mention this ever?No mention of thanks and gratitude to the medical fraternity from him, in all of his politial speeches).

4. His back "suddenly HURTS" when he sleeps on the floor in the lock-up recently.
Fact: is that a lie? Travelling in an aeroplane for countless hours, giving "talks" in USA and elsewhere, with the blessings og The National Endowment For Democracy (NED)and Council of Foreign Relations (all are Washington-based) not seem to trouble his back at all. Those of you who have travelled halfway around the world in one trip, should know what I am talking about.

5. He was "forced/ made" to strip naked during medical examination in HKL recently.
Fact: The HKL Director vehemently denied he was forced to strip naked. He gave his consent to be examined.He is under investigation for an allegation of a sexual nature. Even in a normal clinical state of affairs, a medical specialist,where indicated, of course must perform a very thorough and complete physical examination, in order not to miss any disease or signs that can be detected through physical inspection. This is what marks the difference between a specialist and a regular general doctor. He WAS examined by not, one, but TWO CONSULTANTS,(and I believe, in the presence of his lawyer), who would not be employed in the insitution if not for their ethics of the highest order and qualification; and thus selected amongst many, to conduct the examination throughly and professionally.

Doctors are taught, and therefore, routinely,to examine a person, part by part, yet fully,whilst maintaining the decency and privacy of the individual.

You and I and our kids have been to the family doctor or specialist, so i don't have to explain further.

Unfortunately this man, decided upon himself, to graphically describe a medical examination to the public (in ceramah of 10,000 attendees, press conference..and maybe CNN too). YOU decide on the integrity of this man. I rest my case.

The question I put to you now, is : you, in your mind and deep in your heart,sincerely and UNEQUIVOCALLY want to advocate him as your leader in this country?

The same man talks to the world in his global lectures that he is "seemingly' the saviour of Malaysia, because HE (not the majority of citizens of Malaysia), thru his usual twist-and-turn nature of talking,does not trust and respect the entire system structure of Malaysia- ie. the legally-elected ruling party, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Judiciary,the Press, fact, Malaysians themselves. WHY..not trusting even his own fellow countrymen? NO, because he "ran into The Turkish Embassy" to avoid his own shadow.

He's the only Malaysian this far, who keeps on harping on "conspiracy" -police,Judiciary,politicians, trying his luck to add in the DOCTORS to his list of conspirators.

This has really got to the point of insulting our INTELLIGENCE.

Do notice that the spotlight should rightfully be on him and his Washington buddies.

The CIA is the one ...since 1947...been the singular expert on creating one conspiracy after another, in many US and non-USA nations.

So, if he is the only one "barking" around alleging "conspiracy",it is non other than to create a "false flag" so that people re too busy defending themselves and waste time explaining to clear their names, whilst the 'REAL CONSPIRACY' is right before us (Msians and the one being accused of "setting up " a conspiracy.

The legally-elected ruling coalition party of Malaysia (I refuse to give it a name, because I am a-political)-YOU AND I can see- is much too busy (and has its hands full) trying to pull itself together from the major onslaught of the last General Elections and now coping with oil-price and global food factors, to even get anywhere close to sitting together amongst JUDICIARY/POLICE/ISA/MEDICAL FRATERNITY/ARMY/PRESS/ P.M. DEPT create a conspiracy job...TOGETHER..??IN PERFECT SEQUENCE

Allah will show us the truth as TRUTH.

Russki Power said...

So are they on YouTube yet?