Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Do We Love Our Prime Minister So Much?

Five minutes that changed an elderly UAE citizen's life
Ras Al Khaimah: The elderly handicapped man at first did not recognise the person who greeted him and sat beside him in front of his home in the remote area of Wadi Al Qoor.
"Do you know me, I am Mohammad Bin Rashid," said the visitor and as the elderly man looked closely at his face, he realised the visitor was special.
"You are most welcome Abu Rashid," said Mohammad Salem Khamis Al Ka'abi, who said he is 100 years old. "It is an honour to have you," said the Emirati.
The special visitor that day was His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
A five-minute conversation that day changed the life of the centenarian.

Shaikh Mohammad presented Al Ka'abi with a new villa and ordered complete maintenance of the old man's house and the home of his orphaned grandsons.
"It was an unforgettable moment," said Al Ka'abi, who has three sons and a daughter. Four other sons have died, three if them in road accidents.
"Give me an order father, whatever you want, just name it, said Shaikh Mohammad," said Al Ka'abi. "I just hope for a long and happy life," replied Al Ka'abi.
Shaikh Mohammad looked around and saw the old man's house had cracks on the walls. "Here we will build for you a very comfortable home," Shaikh Mohammad reportedly told him.
Al Ka'abi told Shaikh Mohammad that his house was given to him by Shaikh Rashid and he decided never to leave it even though the house deteriorated due to lack of maintenance over the years.

"We owe the Al Maktoum family many favours as they provided me and my family with housing all our lives," said Al Ka'abi.
Shaikh Mohammad also ordered that the house be fully furnished.
When Shaikh Mohammad learnt that five grandsons of Al Ka'abi who lived in a similar dilapidated house nearby, he ordered that it also be renovated, furnished and equipped. Their father had died in a road accident.
"The contractors worked day and night. They never stopped, never took a rest, till the entire work was completed," said Al Ka'abi. "The contractors repeatedly invited me to have a look at their work, but I refused and never entered the new house till they handed me the keys," he said.

Al Ka'abi's wife Aliba said Shaikh Mohammad greeted her, calling her his aunt. "God has created this man to look after his people. We never imagined we would see him in this remote area," she said. "This man has honoured us in a way real fathers and mothers would be honoured."
Neither Al Ka'abi nor Aliba know the number of bedrooms they have in their new home, but they think it has six or seven bedrooms. "The house was prepared, furnished and equipped in a way which makes our life comfortable," said Al Ka'abi. "Foodstuff, vegetables, fruits, and even tissue boxes were in the house, as if Shaikh Mohammad was telling us to just live a comfortable life."

Each room has two split air-conditioning unit and has spacious majlis, an independent huge water tanker with a large pump, he said. "Words fail to express our thanks and gratitude to the generosity of Shaikh Mohammad," said Al Ka'abi.
"Shaikh Mohammad can fulfil anyone's dreams. It just requires only meeting him once, and he looks you in the eye and then looks around you. He can easily find out what you wanted without your asking for it," he said.
One of Al Ka'abi's sons, Saeed, said he was in Abu Dhabi when he got a call that Shaikh Mohammad was visiting his father. "I never expected that it was him, even after I was informed. It was a dream visit," he said.
Al Ka'abi said his homes will never be sold. "Not even for billions of dirhams," he said. "My children after me know this that the houses granted to us by the Al Maktoum family will never be for sale."


lan said...

masyaAllah such generosity from the ameer.

If only we had such rulers in Malaysia..

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

I really admire Sheikh Mo. he's a billionair, he's a great vision, he's have everthing what he want(with Allah Help)

But he's down to earth, caring of he's people. also i can say he's low profile, not too show off.

we need such this great leader in malaysia!!!

nabil said...

the only time you'll see a VIP in msia doing that is right b4 an election...and thats the last you'll see of him/her...


I really love Sheikh Mo...

I think that he is a great leader.

He motivates and is a positive thinker and visionary...

Would love to meet him.