Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RM380 Billion Lost Through Graft Over 20 years

Malaysiakini reports that RM380b lost through graft over 20 years, Parliament told.

Reading it makes me spin for a while. I am boiling in exasperation in this simmering summer heat while my brain is crunching the amount. At loss to digest how much of rakyat funds have been squandered all these years by those robbers, whoever they are. Crime does pay for some people, especially those who walk in corridors of power.

Lim Kit Siang told Parliament that international investments and finances services giant Morgan Stanley had in 2004 estimated that as much as US$100 billion (then RM380 billion) had been squandered through corruption over the past two decades.

(That is about the same amount of the current value of all my employer's ongoing projects.)

The estimated figure may be less than the actual amount that had slipped if we calculate other wastages from other syok sendiri projects, events, ceremonies etc. Name other 'legal' channels of robbing like wang ehsan, subsidies to IPPs, tolls, bailouts, APs, etc and we may get the real picture of our nation's wealth. We are rich indeed.

RM380 billion or more will be lost forever. Nobody is answerable while ACA is still stuck with old way of doing things. Nothing will change as long as ACA is only answerable to the PM, not parliament.

Those robbers are enjoying their loots and some perhaps are still enjoying their days as ministers and leaders of our beloved nation.

What a tragedy!


Antares said...

If the ACA is only answerable to the PM... well, then, the PM must be made answerable to the Rakyat, regardless of who the PM is! The criminality of BN is surpassed only by that of the Bush-Blair Crime Syndicate. Malaysia has only been trying to emulate other wannabe Masters of the Universe :-)

mmz said...

This corrupted regime must be toppled.
Give the new government a chance to dick into the dirt and see how little bit we can recover. At least send those involved to jail so they cannot enjoy what they have taken.

Suleiman said...

BN memang kurang siuman. Harap-harap next election mereka semua kena tulah!

Firdaus Omar said...

Corruption Cost (RM380 billion) = Tax From Petronas (RM355.7 billion). Rakyat dapat apa?

Mika Angel-0 said...

Lost cause or opportunity, Fudzail? Lucky we are not like enron, eh?

Apa pun si celaka ni mampus juga:

Eric Chia To Be Laid To Rest Tomorrow

SUNGAI PETANI, June 25 (Bernama)-- Former Perwaja Steel managing director Tan Sri Eric Chia Ng Hock, 75, who died from a heart attack yesterday, will be laid to rest at the Sungai Layar Christian cemetery here tomorrow.

S. Muniandy, an employee of the Park Avenue Hotel here which was owned by Chia and where he died in his private room while asleep around 9am yesterday, said the cort├Ęge would leave the hotel at 10am for the funeral.

Hundreds of well-wishers have been streaming to the hotel since yesterday to pay their last respects to the tycoon.

His widow Puan Seri Grace Chia, 60, and son Michael Chia, 46 were beside his coffin to accept condolences.


When is the pukimaki's family going to die, Fudzail?

Do you think they go to Jannah, Fudzail like you?