Sunday, May 18, 2008

An UMNO-linked company in Dubai Is officially DEAD!

Finally, PECD Dubai is no longer in existence. Dubai Courts have ordered PECD Dubai to be closed down and its office in Qusais is currently sealed. All PECD Dubai asset will be auctioned to pay for the outstanding debts which amounted to millions!
The collection from this auction may not be able to repay those debts. Not sure on any actions by PECD Bhd but it was announced that PECD Dubai to be closed down albeit not through court order!

Another UMNO-linked company was closed down earlier, read HERE.

PECD is an UMNO-linked company with is directly under its treasurer, the famous Azim Zabidi who had lost in the last election. There were series of court cases against PECD since 2006 including charged by its former staff. Read the story of PECD staff detained HERE.
According to some sources, two former PECD employees are still being detained by the Police for two different reasons, one (a Malaysian who claimed he was a datuk) for CBT and another one (an Iraqi) for dishonoured company cheques.

Most other former employees were resigned or sacked or transferred. Some are still not being paid their dues accordingly.


zewt said...

ahhh... the things we will not read in the papers here.

WY Kam 甘永元 said...

wonder you would send a package of info to our online YBs (jeff ooi, tony pua, husam musa and co)..

Zawi said...

What ashame to Malaysia. Do you expect people to respect and trust Malaysian companies now?

slyderrose said...

This article should be in malaysiakini, harakhadaily, malaysia-today, etc. Let it be known to rakyat what umno all about

slyderrose said...

This article should in malaysiakini, malaysia-today, harakahdaily, etc.

katakbesar said...

why need we be like them?
i.e. laughing at others who had fall and in misery
yup, again proven, fitrah manusia
i.e. suka bergembira atas kesengsaraan orang lain