Monday, May 05, 2008

Introducing....New AJMAN

The red dot is Ajman, the smallest emirate of 7 emirates in the UAE

This is Ajman from above

Nowadays, every friday morning together with my wife (and some time accompanied by other Malaysians), we go for fresh seafood shopping at Ajman Fish Souq. The prices are bit cheaper than Dubai.
It is only about 20 minutes driving from our home in Twar 3 Dubai and traffic is clear on Friday morning. The souq is smaller compared to the ones in Dubai and Sharjah but all of them on the creek side. Seafood is abundant here and enjoying the freshness and quality. Their sizes are also bigger than those the same ones in Malaysia.
We have two Malaysian families that we know living there and been going there since 2000. It was and still sleepy town with haphazard kind of city planning. Until recently, the roads were in poor conditions and the road sides were terribly maintained or not maintaned at all. It was like Dubai 20 years ago!
However, with Dubai is thriving endlessly and fast developing into a world-class city full of supertowers and mega cities within city, the northern neighbouring emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwaim (UAQ)and Ral Al Khaimah (RAK) are the real beneficiaries of economy growth.
RAK and UAQ have surged ahead last two years and now Ajman is rebranding itself into another mega city.......welcome to new AJMAN!

Located on the northern coast of Ajman, the venture is estimated to be
able to support a resident and working population of 200,000.

Ajman unveils Dh220b project

Ajman's largest-ever real estate initiative, a Dh220 billion mixed-used freehold development was launched on Thursday by Al Zorah Development, a joint venture between the government of Ajman and Solidere International.
Located on the northern coast of Ajman, the venture is estimated to be able to support a resident and working population of 200,000, with residents making up about 85 per cent.
"The project will take five to seven years to be completed, with work starting in a few months," said Dr. Nasser Chammaa, chairman and chief executive, Solidere International.
It will be a self-contained community comprising residences, offices, retail, schools, clinics and leisure facilities including five marinas and a number of five star hotels and resorts.


"Al Zorah combines both natural and urban environments in one; it is an ambitious project, intended to transform Ajman into one of the region's most sought-after places to live, work and play, in an urban environment that also ensures energy conservation and sustainability for future generations," Chammaa said.
An area of 12 square kilometres will be covered, with a built up area of 22 million square meters.
Residential buildings will make up 52 per cent of the built up area, offices 22 per cent, retail stores 11 per cent, hotels eight per cent, with warehousing, storage and infrastructure making up the remainder.
"The maximum limit on the high rise is 50 floors, with an average height of 10 storeys," Chammaa said.
Chammaa said the development company will only work on 30 per cent of the project, focusing on strategic buildings. For the rest of the 70 per cent, he said, "We are in discussion with international contractors and suppliers. Tenders are under discussion and we will take the best."
He added that the project has already attracted a 'huge number' in investments and that the cost of inflation has been factored into the overall estimates.
Officials refused to comment on sales price of plots, residences or offices, but they said the details will be announced soon.
Al Zorah will also house a retail mall spread out over 200,000 square meters, along with villages, golf course, parkway development, equestrian centre, hospitals and other community healthcare facilities and three schools. It will also have large areas of water and green public spaces, as well as 20 kilometres of canals and waterways. There will be a total of 16 kilometres of sandy white beaches and waterside walks.
The whole development will be linked to the Emirates Road with a new 8.5-kilometre access road.
The project is focused to preserve the natural environment, with the buildings and infrastructure designed to be energy-efficient. Construction methods will cut energy use by up to 50 per cent, officials said, keeping Al Zorah's ecological footprint to a minimum.
The new city will encourage people to leave their cars at home with an integrated network of walkways, canals, waterways, bicycle paths and public transport facilities.


A masterplan for the 12 billion dirham ($3.3bn) Ajman International Airport was handed to the emirate’s ruler for approval on Sunday, with work expected to begin by the middle of next year.

The UAE’s fourth international airport, located near Al-Manama, will serve one million passengers a year, handling a minimum of 400,000 tonnes of cargo, which will account for 70% of airport services, an official told UAE daily Gulf News. The Spanish Groupo Inmobiliario Whitelake is to lead the 60 million square feet project, spending 2 billion dirhams on the airport itself, and a further 10 billion to develop adjacent residential and commercial properties.

"Initial investment of Dh1.5 billion has come in from Spanish companies looking to develop the property and another amount was financed from local banks," Whitelake’s director of finance Alex Mond told Gulf News. Letters of intent for landing rights had been received from 25 airlines so far, Mond added, but said that nothing had yet been confirmed.


rascal r us said...


Perhaps you can show us some pix of how Ajman looks like. From street level that is.....
I first landed in Dubai airport with our family going to London in 1973. It was a brief stop over in August of that year. The place I remembered was similar to Banting with plenty of Camels surrounding us. How things have changed...

Nor said...

Wei Fuzail, rase nak pindah bebenor ke Dubai, dok kat Ajman pun jadik ler. Dok kat Malaysia le ni, cakap sikit, blog sikit kena charge under akta hasutan...kalu puak2 BN cakap...depa panggil tu nasihat...manusia biasa kat sini curi seluar jeans rm39.90 kena penjara..yang depan nun rampok jutaan rileks pi bercigar and raba2, mabuk pulak tu! Jabatan agama senyum jar...

Jesse said...

Appreciating your efforts,
would you please confirm the EPC, FEED, and Management of this project with more details.

thank you

Rasem C. Kret
ThyssenKrupp Xervon UAE.